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Vibrant Summer Debut in June: Modular & Pet Living Solutions

In our latest release in June, grado has elevated the flexibility and personalization of furniture to the next level with the launch of more modular sofas. Staying true to a minimalist modern aesthetic and paying tribute to mid-century modern style continue to be our primary design focus. Notably, the introduction of pet furniture marks grado’s foray into the realm of pet living.


The Puff Bed carries over the plush experience offered by the Puff Sofa, as the sofa’s iconic oversized backrest moved onto the bed’s headboard. The extra-high headboard makes your pre-sleep time exceptionally relaxing, ensuring that binge-watching won’t strain your shoulders and neck. The combination of down and foam filling successfully creates an incredibly soft, deeply enveloping sleep space. This turns the descriptions of “soft” and “cozy” from mere concepts into genuine expressions of praise after personally experiencing it.



Continuously innovating and refining the 9-Layer series has been a limelight of grado’s design


career. Building upon the original series, we have introduced several new varients, including the 9-Layer Sofa Soft, 9-Layer Sofa Thick, 9-Layer Sofa Modular, and 9-Layer Sofa Daybed. The latest varient, the 9-Layer Sofabed, combines the functionality of a sofa and a bed, featuring two layers of seat cushions that, when stacked, form a comfortable sofa, and when unfolded, create a cozy bed. In comparison to the previous sofa series, it includes a semi-enclosed, movable backrest armrest, addressing the previous lack of arm support. Unlike the daybed, its seat cushions are more square and space-saving. Each component is designed to be lightweight and easily movable, broadening the potential uses of the sofa bed, which can also serve as a reading and gaming area. The assembly process feels like completing a large-scale LEGO game, making it a truly enjoyable and fun experience.



The Brie Sofa is a tailored masterpiece designed for spacious environment that intertwines a blend of comfort and vintage allure. It boasts retro color tones, rounded contours, and intricate stitching. The expanded seat depth and backrest height create a more luxurious seating experience, whether it’s for a lazy afternoon or a family gathering, evoking a sense of gentle embrace. The sofa’s modular design allows for separate or combined use, and also makes it easier to move and install. The well-cushioned armrests maintain the same curvature as the backrest. Upholstered in a soft, skin-friendly, high-density velvet fabric, it offers a soft and breathable feel. Importantly, the fabric’s fine, dense texture makes it resistant to scratches, particularly ideal for pet owners.



The Burgundy Sofa takes inspiration from the classic Chesterfield allure and the French shabby chic style. It features outward-rolled armrests, dark leather upholstery, and delicate pull buttons and stitching that pay homage to the elegance of the Chesterfield style. The use of two-tone oil wax leather adds a touch of aged feel, reminiscent of French shabby chic. Crafted from premium genuine leather in complete, unbroken sections to ensure consistent quality, the leather is smooth, soft, and resilient. The combination of high-resilience foam and upholstery batting filling creates a wonderfully comfortable sitting and lounging experience, secured with buckles, the double-fix to prevent shifting. The frame, made of FAS-grade white wax wood, provides sustained support at six points around the edges and center. With a 14cm ground clearance, it allows easy access for the robot vacuum’s daily cleaning.



The Cubic Pet Stairs is specially designed for pets, making it easier for them to climb onto sofas or beds, expanding their living space while prioritizing their safety. The stairs feature rounded edges to prevent pets from bumping into sharp corners and getting hurt. The upholstery includes leather, striped textured chenille, and grainy fabric, providing a non-slip surface for added safety. The entire design of the stairs follows the same high standards used in creating sofas, ensuring consistency in the overall indoor aesthetic and functionality. Above all, we believe in treating pets as equal members of the family and aim to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners through innovative pet furniture.



The upcoming summer debut from grado features a range of items that are not only comfortable but also visually appealing, meeting contemporary demands and honoring the mid-century modern trend. We will surely bring a more relaxing home living experience to you and your pets.