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Spring Trends: Fresh April Releases

In April, grado introduces a range of new items, including sofas, chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, and more. In line with the trends of spring and summer, we opt for natural materials like solid wood and genuine leather to infuse homes with organic vibrancy and liveliness. Furthermore, in terms of design, we are embracing the revival of the modern mid-century and Maillard aesthetic, crafting vintage yet stylish pieces.


Cleanliness and tidiness are essential for our sense of well-being at home. The Butter Sofa series draws inspiration from the smooth, clean lines of cut butter. Its overall shape resembles the smoothness of butter, with precise horizontal and vertical lines, creating a clean and spacious three-dimensional appearance and catering to the needs of various room layouts with its simple yet elegant design. The fabric feels incredibly smooth, like butter, and the sponge filling is soft yet firm enough for comfort.



Building on the Butter Sofa, we have developed nine sub-series: Butter Sofa Soft, Butter Sofa Soft Modular, Butter Sofa Extra Soft, Butter Sofa French Seam, Butter Sofa French Seam Tufted, Butter Sofa Inside-out Seam, Butter Sofa Lite, Butter Sofa Slipcovered, and Butter Sofa With Headrests. The series includes single sofas and multi-seater sofas, as well as modular sofas and poufs, so you can find the perfect piece for your apartment and personal style.


The recently launched Butter Sofa With Headrests is a piece brimming with flexible and personalized charm. The sofa headrest offers 5 adjustable settings to accommodate the needs of users with varying heights. There is no specific switch; the headrest can be adjusted by gently lifting it with your hand to change the angle. At the back of the headrest, there is a breathable mesh to ensure comfort without worrying about stuffiness, making it suitable for year-round use.


The upholstery is crafted from premium genuine cowhide that has undergone light-rolling techniques. It features a clear texture, natural luster, and comfortable touch, bringing a luxurious vibe.



Cocos White Sofa is a clean yet exquisite sofa. Inspired by the laid-back American style portrayed in the beloved TV series “Friends,” the designer set out to create a sofa that embodies the essence of relaxation and savoring the simple joys of life.


Carefully crafted from every angle, this sofa is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort, allowing you to leisurely recline and stretch out. With its mid-high backrest and an extra-deep 71cm seat, the Cocos White Sofa invites you to sink in and unwind. The backward-tilting backrest and armrests create a spacious space, perfect for both sitting and lounging. As a thoughtful addition, two long pillows serve dual purposes – providing support for the lumbar while seated and doubling as head pillows, providing a truly flexible usage. Our selection of upholstery, featuring different colors and textures, not only enhances the relaxed ambiance but also provides personalized choices for individuals. The cream white upholstery is coarse-textured and incorporates wool, lending it a rugged style that is both thick and comfortable, with a soft touch. Meanwhile, the brown and coffee Chenille upholstery boasts a surface texture reminiscent of sand dunes, embracing the current Maillard trend while infusing a touch of retro charm. Additionally, all three upholstery options are easily removable for washing, ensuring practicality alongside style.



grado’s new arrivals don’t stop at just the two sofas mentioned earlier. We have other unique pieces to offer as well. The Forest Chair embraces the essence of woodland serenity, inviting nature into the heart of your home. The Planets Bedside Table can be stacked to create a cabinet or coffee table as required. The Taco Chair series embodies a harmonious blend of materials for stylish comfort. The Dorayaki Coffee Table seamlessly infuses oriental Zen aesthetics into modern spaces. For more information, feel free to contact us.