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Room Tour: Greenery Haven, Spring Delight

grado is involved in creating a home space with L.Q.C STUDIO, infusing the joy of spring and organic elements into this three-bedroom, one-living-room residence spanning over 100 square meters.  


In the spring of February, newly blossomed tender leaves resemble green jade, vividly adorning the various corners of the world with the spring breeze and sunlight, radiating vitality. The exuberant vitality of early spring always evokes the joy and delight it brings to people.


The owner of this residence is a single woman working as a journalist. She seeks a simple, clean, and bright living environment, hoping to remove the complex decorations and excessive materials from the original furnished house. As a journalist, she needs to deal with many unexpected situations, requiring intense focus and coping abilities, which often leaves her highly stressed. Therefore, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at home is particularly important to her.  


Even though she’s often out from dawn till dusk and lacks ample time for housekeeping, she upholds excellent lifestyle habits, seeking cleanliness and embracing periodic decluttering. This was confirmed during L.Q.C STUDIO’s initial shoot of the residence. After over a year of living there, the space remained as pristine as when she first moved in. Hence, designer Qiuchen Li chose a minimalist theme for the space, aiming for cleanliness while maintaining a cozy feel and introducing a touch of nature.  


The remodeling began with hard fixtures. The original furnished house had used a lot of metal materials and wall decor, making the entire living and dining space seem more cramped in its already limited area. The homeowner wanted to preserve the living room and balcony while adding some plants. To meet this request, the designer removed the original metal materials and decor, opting for fresh green paint to brighten up the area. The corridor area also underwent a makeover with a curved ceiling, adding more visual interest to the previously dull space. The original dark red floor didn’t align with the overall design style, replaced by the solid wood floor. The natural breathability of the solid wood floor infuses the space with a more natural and refreshing feel.  


In terms of soft furnishings, the overall design revolves around a theme of rounded, adorable, cozy, simple, and light colors. The living room boasts a plush and fluffy sofa, complemented by a round light wood coffee table and a green rug with abstract line. This not only complements the design theme but also neutralizes the coldness brought by the tiles in the living and dining rooms. The sofa adopted is grado’s Ondo Sofa.


Ondo Sofa is a uniquely designed modular sofa that adds a whimsical and interesting element to your living space. Breaking free from the traditional stereotype of sofa design, this sofa revolutionizes the way we perceive and experience furniture. On the concept of composing different models freely, we avoided any straight lines and focused on organic and soft geometries. The way it is assembled is also very clean and simple, easy to be done by the final user.


The sofa is chubby and soft with natural wrinkles, adding a visual layer. 1/2 column foam specially selected for cozy seating and leaning. The lamb wool-like upholstery is soft and friendly to the skin. Its designer Javier Moreno is the founder of Bambú Studio. He develops products for various furniture and product companies: Normann Copenhagen, Softline Furniture (Denmark), Concepta Barcelona, Fantastic, Sanja (Hong Kong), Miniso and others.


In this design project, Qiuchen Li insists on a balanced emphasis on functionality and ambiance. Taking into consideration the homeowner’s lifestyle and work, the design not only meets functional needs but also focuses on creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, Li skillfully uses materials and colors; the utilization of tender green paint and light wood flooring presents a clean and bright overall design style. His spatial design also demonstrates more possibilities of grado products. grado will continue to collaborate with imaginative and creative designers and design studios to create satisfying living spaces for people.