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Refreshing July: Transform Your Space with grado

July, the heart of summer, fills the world with vibrant energy and warmth. The sun shines brightly, casting a golden glow over everything, while people flock to beaches and mountains, savoring the natural beauty and refreshing escapes. Plants and flowers thrive, creating a lively and colorful landscape, celebrating the peak of the season. It’s the perfect time to refresh your home decor, adding a touch of novelty to embrace a new chapter of life.



This July, we are excited to unveil five new furniture pieces: the Bauhaus-style Omelette Sofa and Less Table, the mid-century Dark Chocolate Sideboard and Crepe Sideboard, and Walnut Cookies Chair that blends both Bauhaus and mid-century styles. The Omelette Sofa and Less Table feature a sleek combination of black leather and stainless steel legs, embodying a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The mid-century modern cabinet showcases a warm coffee hue and exquisite wood craftsmanship, exuding a nostalgic charm. Our designers have skillfully merged these styles in the Walnut Cookies Chair, combining Bauhaus materials with mid-century modern tones, creating a harmonious blend that brings new vitality to contemporary living. These pieces will not only stand out in your home but also pay homage to timeless design, reinvented for today’s world. 


The Omelette Sofa is a new addition to our Omelette Collection, paying tribute to the Bauhaus style. Made with premium genuine leather and sturdy stainless steel legs, it boasts finely textured finishes with different glosses that add a touch of luxury to any space. Furthermore, it features exquisite tufting and precise stitching. The neatly arranged pull buttons create a sense of order and elegance, enhancing the sofa’s comfort. Additionally, the natural folds around the pull buttons add an extra touch of relaxation and ease.



The Less Table presents a new interpretation of Bauhaus style in the table category. It reinterprets the essence of a table with the purest materials, combining high-quality ash wood and stainless steel legs. The table’s edges are smoothly rounded and meticulously polished to prevent cuts and bumps, providing a comfortable experience for long-term use. The matte PU paint not only preserves the natural grain of the ash wood surface but also offers excellent oil and stain resistance, making daily cleaning a breeze. Every detail reflects the Bauhaus principle that “form follows function.”



The Dark Chocolate Sideboard features rich, dark coffee ash wood inspired by chocolate, combining a solid wood structure with a vintage design to bring a touch of mid-century modern charm to your home. The sideboard is thoughtfully designed for flexibility, offering both tall and short options with drawers and open shelves. Additionally, the adjustable and removable shelves allow you to customize the height to suit your needs. The sideboard can also be joined together to create a longer unit, serving as a versatile partition for different functional areas.



The Crepe Sideboard showcases meticulously carved angles and curves based on ash wood, capturing the distinctive vintage silhouette of mid-century modern style. The board-shaped wooden legs further emphasize this characteristic. With an ideal height, it is perfect for both living rooms and dining rooms, serving as either a storage cabinet or a worktop.



The Walnut Cookies Chair is a unique blend of Bauhaus and mid-century modern styles by grado’s in-house designer. Its elegantly curved stainless steel frame conceals screws within, creating an exceptionally clean and streamlined look. Every curve is designed for comfort and stability, adhering to the Bauhaus principles of simplicity and functionality. The chair’s cushions are upholstered in caramel-colored chenille fabric, offering a warm and luxurious sheen that reflects the distinctive palette of mid-century modern style.



At grado, we believe that different design styles are not inherently incompatible. By identifying and unraveling the intrinsic connections between these styles, we can achieve an organic fusion, creating pieces that meet modern aesthetic and functional demands. grado is dedicated to this pursuit. Looking back at the history of furniture development, the recent renaissance of mid-century modern style has indeed been influenced by Bauhaus principles. When organic materials, modern industrial techniques, and vintage aesthetics come together, they spark unexpected inspiration. grado transforms this inspiration into tangible creations.