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Ondo Sofa: Variety, Comfort, and Fun

The Ondo Sofa is a modular sofa with an interesting shape, which is a modeling revolution for the sofa in the living room. The designer takes variety, comfort, and fun as the design goals, adding some novel colors to the warm and comfortable home life.


Ondo Sofa


Ondo Sofa’s leading designer Javier Moreno founded Bambú Studio in 2016. As a product design agency, its work developed includes the whole process: From strategic planning and conceptualization to supplier contact and coordination, leading all the design and development processes.


 Javier Moreno


Based on soft shapes and simple geometry, Javier and his team focused on three basic features: Easy to combine, very livable, and playful. On the concept of composing different models freely, the design team avoided any straight lines and focused on organic and soft geometries.


ondo sofa sketches

Ondo Sofa Sketch

Wrinkling is part of the Ondo Sofa design and upholstery due to its unique shape. With proper stitching techniques and artisan-made wrinkles, the Ondo modules offer a chubby and cozy look. Its user enjoys an extra-wide and extra-comfortable seat owing to the selected foam and spring.



Ondo Sofa has two finish options sherpa and organosilicon leather. The water-proof, oil-proof, and dust-proof sherpa finishes with super-soft texture are definitely a social media favorite. While the environment-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly organosilicon leather is a rather durable and easy-to-clean choice.


ondo sofa two material


With various sofa modules and ottoman modules, the Ondo Sofa sectionals allow multiple combination modes for different actual occasions and easily switch between chairs, love seats, chaise lounges, and sofas to meet any space needs.