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Nestle Lounge Chair: Design Evolution

The bird’s nest is a place of pure happiness, filled with dreams and hope. It serves as the destination for adult birds when they venture out in search of food for their young. It is an abode for the baby birds, emanating the affection shared between adult birds and their young. It marks the beginning of new lives. Within the cozy nest, the baby birds experience nurturing care from the adult bird and grow up without worry. That’s why the bird’s nest provides comfort while also harboring boundless hope. Inspired by the natural bird nests, grado designed the Nestle Lounge Chair to create a cozy and secure haven in your own home.



The seat, backrest, and armrests form a unified whole, and the sunken design envelops you in a warm embrace. The lounge chair is constructed with a Russian-imported pine wood frame and features a composite filling of down, upholstery batting, and East Asian foam, all enveloped in skin-friendly upholstery, ensuring comfort for both sitting and reclining. When you sit and lean back in the chair, you’ll experience the same sense of security and comfort that a baby bird does.  



The designer Sisi Hong is an internationally trained industrial designer who graduated with the MID major from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has a passion for unusual and playful ideas, as well as grotesque yet reasonable ones. Sisi cares about tangible products close enough to people’s daily lives and strives to use her expertise as a designer to create better products for a better life. Her odyssey from a rural area to an urban environment and then to the U.S. has endowed her design with a richer touch and elasticity.


At the core of its design, the Nestle Lounge Chair embraces a minimalist aesthetic, with a seat shaped like a cozy nest, offering a cocooning experience. The sturdy, well-proportioned framework, with its front-to-back inclination, exudes an enticing asymmetry, reminiscent of branches cradling bird nests. The selected upholstery Wales series boasts a wool-like texture, characterized by its rich layering. Available in an array of colors including off-white, middle gray, brown, and orange, this upholstery allows for diverse and personalized choices. The legs come in two options: stainless steel and ash wood, respectively presenting Bauhaus-inspired sophistication and the natural warmth of wood.


Following the launch of the lounge chair, we teamed up with FUFUSOUL to introduce the Fragrance Art Furniture Collection. We innovatively replaced the seat cushions with FUFUSOUL’s scented plush toys – 150 adorable, handcrafted little birds. These charming birds are skillfully stitched together, forming a nest-like concave shape that exudes a delightful fragrance, imparting a sense of physical and mental healing for a comforting and soothing experience.



At the end of the year, we unveiled the new variant Nestle Lounge Chair Draped, which exudes artistic charm with intricate folds in its upholstery cascading elegantly over the chair. The folds reminiscent of the snow peak of Mount Fuji or the pleats of girl’s skirt, adds a touch of luxury and natural beauty to any home setting. We selected the Weimar series upholstery, made of premium real leather in Europe and the United States. This leather undergoes a light-rolling process, ensuring a softer texture ideal for household use. The Weimar series upholstery boasts a surface texture akin to human skin, offering exceptional elasticity and support. The upholstery is seamlessly connected to the chair with zippers, allowing for easy removal and cleaning.  



The evolution of the Nest Lounge Chair design mirrors the evolution of the grado’s design philosophy. Throughout this process, we strive to ensure that our home products not only deliver on functionality and comfort but also embody artistic flair, blending the allure of natural vibes with the essence of Bauhaus industrial design. Concurrently, through strategic partnerships across diverse industries, we enhance the intrinsic brand value and cultural significance of our products, broadening the reach and impact of their dissemination. This approach allows innovative business models to propel the ascent of cutting-edge designs. On our design journey, we tirelessly push forward, day and night, without pause.