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Milan Design Week Finale: Lifestyle, Design and Technique

Last week at Milan Design Week, grado unveiled furniture that embodies a seamless blend of Bauhaus and modern midcentury styles. Engaging in various product displays and layout simulation, we also delved into discussions with visitors about differing design and lifestyle philosophies. In tandem, we showcased the migration and integration of modern industrial techniques from diverse fields, injecting fresh vigor into the design and production of furniture. While the 2024 Milan Design Week by grado has drawn to a successful close, the journey of exploration into design and lifestyle remains an ongoing pursuit for us.



We seamlessly fuse modern industrial technology with furniture design, creating furniture exuding a contemporary artistic sensibility. Teaming up with designer Hason Dong, we brought to life the Plump Lounge Chair. Hason, with a focus on sustainable development, embraces a diverse and international design perspective, consistently breaking barriers and innovating in design. His work has been recognized with prestigious international awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and the Italian A’ Design Award. With over a decade of design and R&D experience, he excels in combining a variety of materials and techniques.


The inspiration for the Plump Lounge Chair draws from rounded objects in childhood memories, such as glutinous rice balls, puffs and plasticine. The designer envisioned the chair with an all-encompassing rounded form, reminiscent of being hand-molded. To achieve this effect, he incorporated automotive car seat production technology—Integral Forming Foam Technology —into the chair’s creation. This technique involves molding foam padding into the desired shape within the seat cover, creating a comfortable and supportive cushioning for the seat. This technique not only perfectly replicates the original curves portrayed by the designer but also boasts deformation-resistant properties, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its sleek lines resemble a sculpture, an exquisite artwork, effortlessly adding an infinite touch of style and beauty to any space.  



Two hippo poufs were placed at the entrance of the showroom, a true representation of grado’s unique design prowess. Visitors are invited to leave their mark by signing and leaving messages on the surface of the poufs.


From day one, grado mates penned their hopes and dreams for the event, hoping that their months of hard work would pay off. As the days passed, a diverse mix of visitors, including locals, designers, influencers, and students, added their personal touch with signatures, messages, and playful doodles.


By the exhibition’s final day, the hippo poufs were adorned with notes in multiple languages, showcasing the wealth of diverse voices from different backgrounds and age brackets. Though each writer had a unique story, they all shared a deep love for design and living. Each stroke of the pen breathed life into the poufs, creating a vibrant tapestry of individual narratives.


The feedback from every visitor infused a fresh wave of energy into grado’s brand and design philosophy, creating a sense of community among all participants who shared a common passion for creativity and innovation.



In addition to the messages on the pouf, we are thrilled by the verbal positive feedback from both local and international visitors. The designers and architects have expressed their admiration for our designs, recognizing us as a brand progressing rapidly with aesthetics that align with international standards. Additionally, visitors have been inquiring about the availability of our products in their respective countries and expressing interest in purchasing them. At the same time, local residents and students visiting the exhibition have expressed a strong desire to buy our showcased items, while some industry peers want to become our distributors. Although the exhibition only lasted for a week, we received unexpectedly good feedback, which has filled us with excitement and anticipation for future collaborations and negotiations. We firmly believe that this exhibition will bring in big wins, earning us greater recognition and confidence. Therefore, we are committed to making more efforts to ensure that the grado designs flourish in every corner of the world.


The Milan Design Week has provided grado with an opportunity to bridge hearts through furniture. As we introduce grado’s design process to the people, we share our perspectives on furniture, our contemplation of aesthetics, and our experience of life. In many heartwarming moments, our relationship transforms from being exhibitor and visitor to becoming friends who have traveled thousands of miles to meet. Through the platform of the Milan Design Week, grado embarks on an overseas adventure with old friends and encounters even more new friends. Just like our slogan, ‘your home tells your story,’ furniture not only narrates your story but also intertwines with our own narrative.


At grado, we believe in spreading our unique voice to the world, ensuring that premium design is accessible to millions of households worldwide. One of the key avenues for this is the Milan Design Week, and we have been honored to participate for the eighth time this year. We recognize that relying solely on our own efforts is not enough; we value the support of partners around the globe. Therefore, we welcome furniture professionals who truly appreciate original design and prioritize the quality of home living to join us. Together, let’s promote superior original design, advocate for aesthetics, and introduce furniture that combines beauty, functionality, and comfort.