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Milan Design Week: Ethereal Design, Warmest Invitation

At the upcoming Milan Design Exhibition, grado is set to present an array of unique “firsts” for all attendees. From the latest cutting-edge designs to innovative exhibition experiences, you’re in for an unparalleled adventure.



In a world where there’s no shortage of normal chairs, sofas, or beds, grado strives to be your top pick amidst the vast ocean of designs. We believe that design transcends the mere accumulation of stylish elements, precious materials, and intricate craftsmanship. Instead, it’s about designers addressing real needs with heartfelt sensibilities and aspirations for beauty, crafting exquisite pieces. We emphasize minimalism without promoting excessive uniqueness, with the sole purpose of bringing effortless elegance and comfort to your space.


Teaming up with KK Design, we debut the Solar Lounge Chair, infusing the ancient culture of Chinese Yi ethnic from the southwest into our furniture creations. The ethnic cultural richness is a treasure shared by the world. At the exhibition, get ready to explore our exclusive limited edition models featuring upholstery crafted from the traditional embroidery fabric, part of the intangible cultural heritage of the Yi ethnics. Moreover, our collaboration with TO EAST & TO WEST design studio has given life to the Bambu Lounge Chair. Drawing inspiration from the elegant lines of bamboo joints in nature, each section grows uniquely, forming a dynamic and cohesive whole. Bamboo signifies resilience and unwavering strength in Eastern traditions, and by infusing these qualities into our furniture, we transform the chair into a symbol of resilience and upward momentum.



To systematically showcase our original designs and simulate real-life settings, we are partnering with LYCS Architecture to plan the layout of our furniture exhibition. LYCS Architecture, a renowned multidisciplinary design firm honored as the Best Innovative Design Firm by BUILD Magazine, has a long-standing collaboration with grado.


In addition to the original designs, we will also host a design salon in the showroom. Top international designers will be invited to engage in open discussions about the internationalization and nationality of design, as well as its present and future. The collision of diverse perspectives will highlight the sustainability of design and continuously ignite the innovative spirit of the design industry. New value propositions will emerge and evolve through the exchange of ideas among design professionals.



Expanding the exhibition’s appeal globally, we’ll livestream the event without delays, offering online visitors an exclusive firsthand experience. Our Design Director, Wendy, will walk you through the award-winning products, latest releases, collaborative items, and overall exhibition setup. Understanding the contemporary individual’s needs is key, and we believe in this customer-centric approach.


Furthermore, we will unveil a highly anticipated new item in partnership with a prominent mystery guest, with the big reveal set for the exhibition running from April 16th to April 21st. Join us at the Milan Design Week to uncover this exciting mystery together with grado.