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May’s Thrilling Debut: Bionics, Culture, and Artistry in Furniture Design

In May, grado is set to launch a range of new designs that were just showcased at Milan Design Week. The lineup includes leisure chairs blending natural elements, bionic design, ethnic culture, and intangible cultural heritage, along with Bauhaus style sofas. Adding a touch of modern flair, you’ll also find modern style beds and retro storage hanging bags in the mix. A diverse array of ranges, styles, and functionalities, celebrate grado’s diverse and varied essence.


The Bambu Lounge Chair is a small-sized solid wood chair that exudes simplicity while brimming with intricate details. Each wooden strip displays variations in thickness, reminiscent of bamboo nodes, bestowing the chair with a visual combination of sturdiness, delicacy, and strength.



The design of the chair draws inspiration from the exquisite lines of bamboo in the nature. Each segment of bamboo is unique yet harmoniously integrated, forming a cohesive and tension-filled whole. The chair’s graceful curve of the rear legs mirrors the resilient upward growth of bamboo, exuding a sense of dynamism and vigor. The copper embellishments at the top of the backrest complement the solid wood, while amplifying the contrast between the two materials, radiating a vintage charm. The exceptional aesthetic design of the Bambu Lounge Chair allows it to effortlessly blend into various spaces, whether it’s a city apartment or a countryside villa. The bio-inspired design, rooted in nature, imparts a richer sense of depth and vitality to the space. 


This item seamlessly blends Eastern vintage allure with Western midcentury modern vibes, marking a significant milestone for grado in designing products that embrace diverse cultural influences and multiple aesthetic perspectives.  


The Solar Lounge Chair is a lounge chair with a mid-high backrest, perfectly contouring to the curves of the human body. Its plump cushion and skin-friendly upholstery ensure comfort. The design of this chair draws inspiration from the Yi ethnic culture, embodying deeper connotations worth exploring.



In 2024, grado collaborates with KL Design founded by designer KK and creates this chair, aiming to infuse distinctive elements into the home. As a designer with a background in journalism, KK hopes to express her understanding of the environment and the culture she loves through her furniture creations. Influenced deeply by the ancient southwestern Yi ethnic culture of her hometown Sichuan, a trip to the Sun Square in the Ta-liang Mountains allowed her to appreciate the ingenuity of the Yi people in accurately observing the sun to create the most precise calendar. The cultural treasures of the Yi people deeply moved her. The sun is the most vital source of energy in human life, and in Yi traditional culture, it is regarded as the father of all things, as its rays nurture the lush growth of crops, forests, and grasslands.


Therefore, grado and KK jointly design a chair related to the Yi ethnic’s sun culture. The Solar Lounge Chair incorporates many traditional elements of Yi culture in its design, such as the spherical ornament at the top of the chair. In addition to the solid color upholstery, we also exclusively use embroidered fabrics, one of Yi ethnic’s intangible cultural heritage, to produce a limited edition of upholstery.  


The Mocacchio Sofa is a typical Bauhaus-style sofa. It adheres to the design philosophy of Bauhaus in both material selection and styling, pursuing functionality and comfort while striving for a simple and elegant appearance.



The sofa combines large pieces of leather with mirror polished stainless steel, adding a touch of brilliance to the overall look with the glossy effect of the stainless steel. Inside the sofa, premium down filling is used, and the outer genuine leather upholstery features natural wrinkles, providing not only a more comfortable sitting experience but also a natural and elegant appearance. Its stable and ergonomic design provides specialized support for the lumbar, ensuring prolonged sitting without fatigue. The medium-height backrest prevents the space from appearing crowded even in spaces with lower ceiling heights.


The sofa’s appearance exudes stability and a restrained color palette, making it particularly suitable for modern-style spaces. It coordinates well with various soft furnishings in urban residences and reception spaces.  


Apart from the three flagship products mentioned above, we have also launched a variety of items all exuding lingering charm.


The Fika Lounge Chair expertly navigate the balance between different materials. This lounge chair is a bold fusion of chenille upholstery, leather straps, metal, and solid ash wood, setting itself apart through its adventurous material selection. The elastic saddle leather strap behind the cushion offers adaptable and resilient support, conforming to the body’s weight and posture.


The Kitty Chair is inspired by cats. The designer incorporated the shape of cat ears into the slightly curved backrest, giving the chair a playful and adorable look. This dining chair is crafted with a solid wood frame, meticulously polished and finished with natural wood wax oil to retain the wood’s texture and grain. The solid wood frame, crafted with hidden mortise and tenon joints, appears seamless and natural, as if nature’s breath is infused into every inch of wood.



The Rum Sofa embodies a plump and rounded design with a low center of gravity, accentuated by delicate tufts.


The Truffle Bed boasts rich details and sensory depth in limited space. It infuses homes with a subtle and elegant ambiance, exuding a sense of tranquility, purity, and a hint of laziness.


The Tipsy Pocket is a graceful and refined leather storage bag. It serves as a stylish holder for beverages on the table, or as a decorative wrapping for bouquets hanging on the wall. Just like a work of art, its decorative potential awaits your discovery and expression.


Explore the latest additions from grado and transform your home into a harmonious blend of culture, comfort, and beauty.