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Inspiring Design Dialogues: grado & LOFT Collaborative Popup at Clerkenwell Design Week

The exclusive pop-up event jointly hosted by grado and LOFT was successfully held from May 21st to May 23rd at Clerkenwell Design Week. Over the course of three days, attendees marveled at the charm of furniture design, delved into the meaning of design in people’s lives, and explored the limitless possibilities for enhancing human existence. Though fleeting, these three days held profound significance.



Furniture has become the focal point of the Green Hub, serving as a creative medium for individuals and an expression of life. A series of seminars brought together professionals in the furniture industry to contemplate and anticipate the future of the industry, with themes closely intertwined with current social issues. These captivating seminars covered a diverse array of exciting topics and agendas, providing design enthusiasts with a feast for the mind. Lastly, the event concluded with LOFT’s 21st birthday celebration on the afternoon of the 23rd, signifying a new chapter in the collaboration between grado and LOFT.  



The event on May 21st began at 11:00 AM, with Jo Love, Lauren Burnett, and Lauren Moorhead leading a discussion on synesthesia as the central theme, sharing their experiences in sensory design methods. They guided attendees in exploring new perspectives on sensory design, advocating a comprehensive consideration of various design elements, from the external environment of the space to the unique energy dynamics of the residents. Jo emphasized the importance of thoughtful contemplation, keen insight into color and detail, and the realization of beneficial designs for the inhabitants. Following this, at 2:00 PM, Sam Coggin, Joanna Knight, and Hannah Jordan shared their insights on circular economy design, calling for collective efforts to achieve sustainable development through innovation and practice.


In the morning of May 22nd, Martina Prado, Dr. Penny Clark, and Jai Desai presented their perspectives on co-living design, aiming to strengthen human connections while enhancing resource utilization. At 2:00 PM, Elaine Cleland-Awity, Stephen Passmore, and Lauren Moorhead led a discussion on “Furnishing the Future of London,” advocating for a more creative and inclusive design profession to become a significant driving force in urban development. The lecture on the “Bold Creativity Effect” concluded with Josh Stinton’s presentation, offering several approaches for participants to broaden their horizons, think boldly and innovatively, and encourage them to realize their innovative ideas.  


On the morning of May 23rd, Tom Durrant will delve into the hot topic of “Artificial Intelligence of the Storm” in photography. He believes that practitioners can use artificial intelligence to spark creativity and alleviate repetitive tasks, enabling humans to focus on more meaningful endeavors. In the afternoon, discussions on the topic of women in construction unfold, highlighting the power of women in architecture who bring nuanced perspectives and thoughtful design approaches. Speakers emphasized their roles and influence, calling for more attention to gender equality and diversity in development.



At 4 PM, LOFT collaborates with grado to host its 21st-anniversary birthday party, celebrating LOFT’s illustrious journey and the future collaboration between the two. Attendees savor the beverages while continuing discussions on industry topics and prospects for the future.  


The excitement of the Clerkenwell Design Week will continue to unfold with grado and LOFT eagerly anticipating the convergence of more furniture inspiration and innovative design, shining a brighter light on the future of the design industry.