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Innovative Storage Solutions for Every Room

As living standards elevate, an increasing number of specialized household products are entering the market, being bought by specific consumer groups and incorporated into their homes. Alongside this, the market for cultural products has also flourished, enriched by people’s growing spiritual and recreational lives. Various types of cabinets cater to the storage needs of these items while maintaining home organization. Consequently, cabinets have always been a significant focus for grado. Whether closed, open, or modular, these cabinets not only fulfill basic storage requirements but also enhance the aesthetic and decorative appeal, ensuring a cohesive and unified interior design.


Initially, we combined white oak with woven rattan to create a fresh, modern space decorated by rustic interior design. Later, to keep up with the mid century modern art and vintage trends, we started using white ash wood with its deeper, richer tones. Both types of wood are hard, durable, and feature beautiful grain patterns.


In relaxing and socializing areas like the living room, TV stands and side cabinets are essential. The Financier Media Console, with its understated gray finish, is perfect for modern spaces. We offer it in two versions: a three-door and a two-door model. The two-door version features open storage shelves in the middle, ideal for storing small items like remote controls for easy access, while the closed drawers help keep things tidy and dust-free.



The Torii Cabinet combines white oak and woven rattan beautifully, with the wood grain bringing a natural, cozy feel to the space, and the tightly woven hand-woven rattan adding a nod to traditional craftsmanship.



The Financier collection also includes a sideboard and a nightstand, maintaining the same modern and minimalist design. The Torii series extends to a bedside table, dining cabinet, and sideboard, making it a valuable addition to both bedrooms and living rooms. The Torii sideboard, with its slim yet practical upper drawer and ample lower storage space, is particularly suited for use as a shoe cabinet in the entryway.


In the kitchen and dining room, our grado design team realized that cabinets can serve as more than just storage units; they can also function as a practical kitchen work stop and coffee operating table. This insight led to the creation of the Crepe collection.


The Crepe Buffet features upper and lower cabinets, along with drawers of various sizes, providing ideal storage for kitchenware, spices, and pantry staple. The middle section of the buffet includes a pegboard for hanging utensils and kitchen tools. Above the pegboard, there is a power track with removable outlet adapters, supporting appliances like coffee machines and water purifiers on the countertop. Additionally, the lighting is equipped to make the operation easier.



The Crepe Sideboard, crafted from the same ash wood, offers a sleek and elegant design with the charm of mid-century modern decor.



As furniture versatility and flexibility are increasingly emphasized, we’ve launched modular cabinets like the Planets Bedside Table, which can function as sideboards, side tables, and nightstands.


Modular design allows for horizontal combining or vertical stacking to create coffee tables, bedside tables, or larger cabinets, catering to various needs and seamlessly integrating into different spatial and functional styles. Anti-tip kit is equipped to secure the modules, preventing any risk of hurt caused by bumping.



In addition to the more structured cabinet designs mentioned earlier, we also create inspiring items that incorporate vintage and Bauhaus style, such as the Echo Cabinet, Dark Chocolate Sideboard, and Mephis bedside table.



grado believes that exceptional cabinets store not just belongings, but also timeless memories of home that endure through the years.