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Home for Love, Home for Hope – gradodesign Promo Video 2024


What is the definition of home?


What significance does home hold for us?


How do we create a home?


These are not just questions that people often contemplate, but also the very propositions that grado, as an original furniture design company, needs to consider.


We are born of love, nurtured and grown in the fragrance of love, and home is the crucial vessel that conserves this love. Within our homes, we recuperate, casting off the weariness of body and soul. Here, we have our own private space for inner dialogue, a place to do what brings us joy. Gradually, we yearn to grow up, to venture afar, but in moments of solitude, we always return home. There, we find our dearest loved ones and the warmest solace, encouraging us to venture forth once more. As we mature, we meet our respective life partners, and through love, we nurture new life, creating new families and establishing new homes. In this new home, love flows slowly in the daily routine, like aged honey permeating through time and space.  


Home is born of love, and love, in turn, is inherited and perpetuated through the existence of home.