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Hi, This is gradodesign


Dear friends,


When you read this message, it might feel both familiar and unfamiliar. At the start of 2024, gradodesign decided to send you our first email. While you may have already encountered gradodesign through our social media, exhibitions, and interactions with BD, we believe these channels are not sufficient for you to truly grasp who we are. That’s why we’ve chosen to reintroduce ourselves through these specific and detailed emails.

If letters transported by horse and cart were a unique poetic expression of the past, then an email once a week is the modern romance we’ve created for you. Our emails reach you across mountains and seas just like letters. gradodesign will connect with you via email every week. We hope that these words and images will bridge not only the geographical distance, but also span the busyness of work, the household chores, and negative emotions. Nothing can prevent our connection.


In our weekly emails, we’ll showcase our products, introduce you to the people behind gradodesign, and share interesting stories within our company. With genuine enthusiasm, we aim to provide a more structured and comprehensive introduction of who we are, in the hopes of fostering deeper and more meaningful communication opportunities. Before any potential collaboration takes place, we’d prefer to be your distant friends. We kindly ask for your patience as we embark on this journey together, starting with page one, then page two, and onto page three of the grado story. Perhaps, in the future, we can write a page together.  

grado is an original furniture design company that was established in 2014. The name “grado” comes from the Italian word for “angle.” Just as our name suggests, we aspire to offer furniture products with unique design perspectives. The founder, Alex Chai, is an accomplished designer who has received numerous international design awards, including the German Red Dot Award. Initially, we focused on providing design services, and in 2018, we expanded to establish the GRADOCONTRACT department, which specializes in designing furniture products for public areas and providing soft furnishing solutions for such spaces.  

As we delve deeper into the industry, we’ve come to realize that design should cater not only to groups but also to individuals. Beyond serving people during the one-third of their day spent in public areas, furniture design should also offer physical and mental comfort during the remaining two-thirds of their time at home. With this in mind, we founded grado Living in 2020 and grado Decor in 2022, incorporating them as the new department “gradodesign”.


grado Living offers a wide range of products, including sofas, beds, various types of tables, chairs, and storage furniture. When designing these products, we consider different house layouts and functional areas. Our passionate and talented team of designers has created a diverse range of items that can complement various space styles and personal preferences. We aim to ensure that the products you purchase are not disposable, and are highly adaptable. This is reflected in the simple and classic shape of the product designs, their ease of transport and installation, modular design, easy disassembly and cleaning, pre-set cleaning space, and built-in power supply, among other features. Our goal is for you to be able to effortlessly rearrange your existing functional areas or home layout without having to invest in entirely new products. Additionally, when you need to move, you can easily take away our furniture piece.

In order to better satisfy people’s living needs in home spaces, gradodecor was created. This includes pillows, blankets, aromatherapy, vases, lamps, mobile storage, and a range of small items that enhance the joy of life, serving both practical and decorative purposes. These small pieces are filled with thoughtful design elements and incorporate current popular materials and decorative trends. They offer refreshing experiences through visual, olfactory, and tactile aspects, serving as delightful gifts from grado designers to everyone. Each item you encounter is a conversation with the designer, and every item you add to your home reflects your understanding and expression of life.  

Home is where you spend most of your daily life. Every piece of furniture and its wear tell your story. gradodesign aims to be the tool that helps you write your life story and bring your ideal life to reality. We look forward to meeting you soon.