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grado & LOFT: Creative Fusion at Clerkenwell Design Week

2024 marks the first appearance of grado at the Clerkenwell Design Week, a creative design event. LOFT, the exclusive dealer of grado in the UK, will showcase grado Living, Contract and Decor, three product lines, as a significant part of its creative pop up.


Located in the heart of London, Clerkenwell is a district with a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Renowned for its architectural diversity, it boasts a mix of historical buildings, industrial warehouses, and modern commercial spaces. Clerkenwell stands out as a hub for interior design showrooms, furniture stores, and design events, reflecting its significance as a design-centric community in London. Moreover, it hosts a diverse community of creative professionals, including designers, artists, architects, and craftsmen. Clerkenwell Design Week, held annually, is a highly anticipated celebration of design, showcasing the latest trends and innovations across various design disciplines. In 2023, over 300 companies from 66 countries participated in the exhibition, with more than 160 showrooms welcoming 37,725 visitors. The scale of Clerkenwell Design Week is expected to reach new heights in 2024, further solidifying its reputation as a global platform for design excellence and creative exchange.  



With over 20 years of experience in providing interior design and furniture services, LOFT creates beloved spaces across the UK. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including design, delivery, installation, dismantling, replacement, and recycling, LOFT caters to a variety of spaces ranging from residential homes, rental properties, student dormitories, to offices. They specialize in selecting durable, comfortable, and stylish pieces to tailor exclusive solutions for their clients. Beyond their extensive professional expertise, LOFT also delves into profound humanistic considerations. Their past activities like pop-up shop events, salons, and commercial collaborations demonstrate their commitment to supporting low-carbon emissions, environmental sustainability, and recycling. They address emerging issues such as furniture poverty, alcohol-free socializing, while contemplating future trends in furniture and spatial design like futurism, compact housing, and versatile spaces.



In line with a people-first approach and a shared pursuit of excellent design, grado and LOFT discovered that we share the same values, which laid the foundation for the subsequent collaboration. In June 2023, LOFT officially sealed the partnership and has become the exclusive dealer for grado in the UK.


From May 21st to May 23rd,  in collaboration with grado, LOFT will host an exclusive furniture pop-up event at the Green Hub. grado will play a significant role in the product, exhibition, and salon during the event. We are thrilled to be part of LOFT’s 21st-anniversary celebration on May 23rd during the exhibition period, as well as the several seminars with industry experts and leaders.


“We’re excited to partner with grado to making cutting edge design available for everyone.” – Ben Hall, Founder of LOFT


LOFT focuses on providing ethical and sustainable furnishing for modern residents. This sustainability not only encompasses environmental considerations but also involves a sustainable approach to the physical and mental well-being of individuals in the pursuit of “people first,” with stress reduction being a crucial component. Therefore, LOFT aims to create a comfortable, elegant environment with moderate yet premium designs that create aesthetic pleasure, making the space a stable container for the human body and mind, rejecting excessive smoking, drinking, and meaningless socializing. This concept and practice align seamlessly with grado. Similarly, grado is dedicated to designing for contemporary needs, ensuring non-aggressive designs genuinely serve people, becoming tangible entities that are easy to assemble, transport, modify, and coordinate, serving as expressions of people’s lives.



In this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, we have chosen the Pan Flute Sofa and Fatty Sofa to serve as the focal points of the space, with their elegant design and comfortable seating making them the most utilized pieces in the area. Additionally, to emphasize the importance of personal space, we have incorporated several lounge chairs such as the Swell Sofa, Mate Lounge Chair, Tulip Lounge Chair, Belly Lounge Chair, and Leaf Chair. These items are well-proportioned, artistic, and embody the beauty of geometric shapes to the fullest, offering a dual experience of visual appeal and comfort. In line with grado’s focus on social issues and respect for women’s rights, many feminine elements have been integrated into the design, such as the Belly Lounge Chair, inspired by women’s coats. The Palette Cushion serves as a visual accent in the space, providing flexible body support and can be placed throughout the area harmoniously.



Experience the latest lifestyle expressions curated by grado and LOFT at the Green Hub from May 21st to May 23rd. This event goes beyond furniture design to offer a holistic view of modern living.