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Delectable Design: Savor the Flavors of Life Right at Home

When talking about food, we go beyond the dishes themselves. We consider the sun and rain, the wind and snow, the natural landscapes, mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas, as well as the traditions of farming and herding. Each dish is not only a continuation of a culture but also a deeply rooted memory for each person. At first, food is tied to childhood and family, then it marks our exploration of the world, all beginning with our taste buds. The sweetness and softness that bloom on the palate, the satisfaction and warmth that spread from the stomach, and the comfort that lingers in the heart—these are all meticulously captured by grado and transformed into tangible creations. To be the keepers of your memories, our food-inspired designs let you reach for distant horizons without always needing to look back.


grado inhouse designers takes inspiration from bagel to create the Bagel series. The chair’s backrest is shaped like a bagel, providing a storage space for a range of emotions, whether joyful or sorrowful. The semi-circular chair backrest forms a secure and private area, offering comfortable support for the shoulders and arms, promoting relaxation for both body and mind. The combination of organosilicon leather and stainless steel legs creates a gentle and rational ambiance. The designer uses a simple design to convey the boundless sentiment of Bauhaus, and employs quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to produce timeless and robust products.  



Inspired by the traditional Eastern delicacy, wonton, our Woton Daybed echoes its essence. Just as a wonton’s delicate, paper-thin skin wraps around a savory filling and holds its form after boiling, the Woton Daybed boasts a sturdy, full base and a semi-enclosed integrated backrest and armrests. This design crafts a unique, intimate space for personal retreat.



The Lava Cake Sofa is inspired by the iconic Lava Cake, known for its soft texture and the flowing chocolate sauce on top and inside. The designer aimed to replicate this with the soft removable cushion on the backrest and armrests, creating a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. The goal is to provide a cozy and indulgent experience while sitting on the sofa, akin to enjoying a dessert, offering lasting pleasure. The down filling in the cushions creates a soft, enveloping sensation, while the latex filling adds elasticity and support, giving in a multi-layered sitting experience.



The flavors of childhood linger as cherished memories.The soft shell of glutinous riceballs cradles a sweet filling, just like the happiness nestled within the simple, carefree days when we were kids. The inspiration for the Plump Lounge Chair draws from rounded objects in childhood memories, such as glutinous rice balls, puffs and plasticine. The designer envisioned the chair with an all-encompassing rounded form, reminiscent of being hand-molded. To achieve this effect, he incorporated automotive car seat production technology—Integral Forming Foam Technology —into the chair’s creation. This technique involves molding foam padding into the desired shape within the seat cover, creating a comfortable and supportive cushioning for the seat. It not only perfectly replicates the original curves portrayed by the designer but also offers the chair deformation-resistant properties, ensuring long-lasting durability. The flowing lines and rounded surfaces impart a sculptural quality, harmonizing beautifully with its beige tones, and embodying a design free of aggression.



The crispy soda crackers have a regular shape, with evenly distributed small holes on the surface. It’s popular for the light, slightly salty taste that is not greasy when eaten plain. grado incorporates the iconic appearance of soda crackers into the design of the headboard, simulating the small holes on the crackers with pull buttons, and complemented by neat and meticulous stitching.



A series of furniture inspired by food embodies grado’s understanding of life. We create hygge home decor with minimalist designs and soothing, warm colors. Our pieces make it easier for you to embrace minimalist living, bringing joy and peace of mind into your home.