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9-Layer Sofa

9-layer sofa is a brand-new attempt at living space, breaking the stereotype of living room setup by offering more setting possibilities. “9” has an extended meaning of endless possibilities in the Chinese language and culture. The same goes for grado’s 9-layer sofa.

9-Layer Sofa (2)

A 9-layer sofa set includes four components, namely two free-standing backrest sections and two layers of seating sections. The four sections can be used separately, or in any combination as a whole sofa or a temporary bed. The backrest section can be flexibly used separately at every corner of the house for reclining.

With pure foam filling, we craft multi-layer foams with different densities to enhance the support of seat cushions. We use down and feather filling for the backrest to guarantee comfort. Non-slip covers are attached to the bottom of each section for convenience.

9-layer sofa is available across various fabric textures and colors to meet different living spatial needs.

9-Layer Sofa

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