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Waffle Lounge Chair
Waffle Lounge Chair
Waffle Lounge Chair
Waffle Lounge Chair
Waffle Lounge Chair
Waffle Lounge Chair

design by Mia Yu
Item Number: SUS-CH-LG

Grado Waffle Lounge Chair provides one more option for a modern style living space. Waffle Lounge Chair presents a chubby-fluffy look owing to its goose down filling and quilted fabric, which provides satisfying softness and superior support for its users. Its generous wrapping seat tries to offer utmost comfort and relaxation. This Japanese food-inspired lounge chair matches absolutely with your stylish space.

Sushi Lounge Chair Future-51 (12)


Waffle Lounge Chair, as it’s called, was inspired from the Japanese sushi, made of vinegared sushi rice, and various ingredients, usually seafood. A bite of sushi gives people both the staple to tackle hunger and the flavor to satisfy one’s appetite. This was precisely the point that made Mia YU transform her idea of sushi into a real piece that provides the necessary seating comfort alongside a little bit playfulness to the sight: The quilted fabric is a resemblance of rice while the rolled-up backrest mimics the sushi topping’s curve. Also, just like sushi goes well with Japanese sake, beer, wine or cocktail, Waffle Lounge Chair naturally blends in quite a few scenarios.


Mia Yu

Mia YU graduated from Zhejiang A&F University, majored in interior and furniture design. She joined grado R&D team in 2018 and has participated in several furniture design projects, including Pan Flute Sofa and Waffle Lounge Chair. ‘Design is born to connect people and space’ is her motto. 

  • Name

    Waffle Lounge Chair

  • Item Number


  • Dimension


  • Standard Color Description

    B:OTE Future:

  • Material

    P2 Plywood+Pine Frame+High Resilience Foam+Goose Down Filling+PP Cotton+Muslin Fabric+Non-Woven Fabric+Upholstery Batting+Plastic Leveler+Upholstery

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/1CTN
    Package: 1050*1020*780mm;N.W.;G.W.;1CTN
    Assembled: Yes
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Project Files
  • Product Information
  • Level B Fabric

    OTE Future: QT-FUTURE-51
  • Sushi Lounge Chair Future-51 (5)
    Quality Upholstery, Deluxe Seating
    The quality and generous upholstery of Waffle Lounge Chair guarantees to bring utmost easy-cozy seating and long-lasting company. Mia the designer handpicked quality high resilience foam to offer high elasticity, support, and excellent bounce. Goose down was added to ensure the soft, wrapping seating satisfying any of its users.
  • Sushi Lounge Chair Future-51 (20)
    Ergonomic Design
    The Waffle Lounge Chair’s ergonomic design supports shoulder, back, and lumbar softly and firmly. You will definitely accept this invitation of comfy and pressure-free seating. Whether reading or lounging on it is so relaxing and so enjoyable.
  • Waffle Lounge Chair Future-51 (24)
    Superior Support
    Waffle Lounge Chair is built with quality materials to ensure the optimal experience for users: Russian larch frame has high strength and good resistance to corrosion; the designer selected foam with different rebounds, guaranteeing comfy and durable seating. grado cares about users’ experience.
  • Waffle Lounge Chair Future-51 (17)
    3D Quilted Fabric
    Waffle Lounge Chair is upholstered with selected quilted fabric. The quilted stitches add a softer visual interest, while the thicker fabric is velvet-like to the touch. Besides, the fabric has stronger resistance to wearing and pilling.
  • Waffle Lounge Chair Future-51 (9)
    Delicate Stitches
    Waffle Lounge Chair adopts French seam with artisan-made needlework, ending up with a clean contour.
  • Waffle Lounge Chair Future-51 (8)
    Soft Armrests
    The soft and sturdy armrests provide an enveloping and ergonomic seating.
  • Waffle Lounge Chair Future-51 (5)
    Consistent back
    The backside of Waffle Lounge Chair is upholstered with the same fabric as the front.
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Waffle Lounge Chair

Ergonomic design, neck, back, waist Angle fit support.

Top waist support back, do not add burden to the fragile spine.