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Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa
Skirt Sofa


design by Mia Yu
Item Number: SKI-SF-2S
Skirt Sofa A1986-2A (4)-min


Skirt Sofa is a beautifully designed and carefully crafted piece of furniture that draws its inspiration from the graceful way a girl’s dress hem gently brushes against her knees. The slim sides of this sofa are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical, as they can be easily disassembled for cleaning purposes. This feature makes it a breeze to keep the sofa in pristine condition. What sets the Skirt Sofa apart is its slim frame and armrests, making it an ideal choice for medium or smaller living spaces. Despite its slender build, this sofa doesn’t compromise on comfort. The generously sized seat, along with the down-filled cushions and backrests, provide an incredibly cozy and inviting seating experience. The Skirt Sofa also offers versatility for it can serve as a daybed.


Mia Yu

Mia YU graduated from Zhejiang A&F University, majored in interior and furniture design. She joined grado R&D team in 2018 and has participated in several furniture design projects, including Salami Sofa and Sushi Lounge Chair. ‘Design is born to connect people and space’ is her motto. 

  • Name

    Skirt Sofa/ 2-Seater

  • Item Number


  • Dimension

    W1800 D850 H760

  • Standard Color Description

    Fabric (B):
    1..Maya A1986 2A
    & A04 piping

    3.Maya A1986 8A
    & A39 Piping

  • Material

    Solid Timber Frame+E1 Plywood+High Resilience Foam+High-Density Foam+PP Needle Punched Non-woven Fabric+Non-Woven Fabric+Upholstery

    Toss Pillow 1: 440*440*110/3
    Toss Pillow 2: 550*550*130/3

    Accessory Material:
    Toss Pillow 1: PP Cotton+Goose Down Filling+Upholstery
    Toss Pillow 2: PP Cotton+Goose Down Filling+Upholstery
    Legs:Metal Legs

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/1CTN
    Package 1: 1870*860*770mm; N.W.67kg; G.W.74kg; 1CTN
    Assembled: Yes
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Fabric (B)

    MAYA A1986-2A-2
    Maya A1986 2A
    MAYA A1986-8A-2
    Maya A1986 8A
  • Skirt Sofa A1986-2A (10)-min
    Cotton & Flax Fabric
    The natural cotton and flax blend fabric of our sofa offers a range of benefits. It is sweat-absorbent, breathable, and skin-friendly. The fabric keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, ensuring year-round comfort. Its mixed composition creates a tight and thick texture, making it wrinkle- and wear-resistant. Additionally, our processing methods are environmentally friendly.
  • Skirt Sofa A1986-2A (5)-min
    Cushions of Different Sizes
    To provide optimal support for your spine, we have designed the sofa to include three large and three small cushions. These soft and fluffy cushions can be used for throw pillows or backrests, providing reliable support. The backrest height is perfectly adjusted to give effective support to the neck. Each of the three small cushions features different decorative textures, adding visual interest to the alignment.
  • Skirt Sofa A1986-2A (7)-min
    Extra Wide Sitting Depth
    Our sofa also boasts an extra-wide sitting depth, making it easy to lie down and find a comfortable position. The ordinary models have a sitting depth of 580mm, while the deeper models offer 730mm of sitting depth, providing ample space to accommodate various postures.
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Skirt Sofa/ 2-Seater