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Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa
Puff Sofa


design by Mia Yu
Item Number: Puff Sofa / G01A

The Puff Sofa takes inspiration from a creamy, frosted cream puff. Its fluffy texture and beautiful shape offer a delightful experience, while the soft down and elegant chenille fabric create a comfortable and visually appealing piece. It embodies the essence of “Puff” in a pleasurable way.  

Puff Sofa Lite G01A.B-LY-71057 (12)


The Puff Sofa is inspired by a delicious cream puff, with its creamy color and a frost-like layer on top. Its fluffy texture and beautiful shape provide a delightful experience, just like enjoying a tasty treat. The design of the Puff sofa emphasizes its visual appeal while maintaining a soft and comfortable feel. The inner foam is surrounded by a layer of soft down, and the carefully selected chenille fabric adds a touch of elegance. It creates a pleasurable experience that truly embodies the essence of “Puff”.  


Mia Yu

Mia YU graduated from Zhejiang A&F University, majored in interior and furniture design. She joined grado R&D team in 2018 and has participated in several furniture design projects, including Salami Sofa and Sushi Lounge Chair. ‘Design is born to connect people and space’ is her motto. 

  • Name

    Puff Sofa / G01A

  • Item Number


  • Dimension

    W3000 D1680 H860

  • Standard Color Description

    Fabric (A):
    OTE Solo 170
    OTE Solo 102
    OTE Steam101

    Leather (L01):

  • Material

    Solid Timber Frame+P2 Plywood+Zigzag Sinuous Springs+High Resilience Foam+Goose Down Filling+PP Cotton+Muslin Fabric+Folding Hinge+Upholstery


    Accessory Material:
    5cm Metal Legs

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/2CTN
    Package 1: 1730*1130*850mm; N.W.; G.W.; 1CTN
    Package 2: 2020*1010*850mm; N.W.; G.W.; 1CTN
    Assembled: No
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Level A Fabric

    Steam-101 Liquid Proof
  • Leather (L01)

  • Puff Sofa G01A,B-Solo170 (3)
    Adjustable Armrest
    The armrests of the sofa are adjustable, allowing you to easily change the angle to suit your preference. This feature makes it convenient to lean or lie down comfortably.
  • Puff Sofa G01A,B-Solo170 (4)
    Ergonomic Design
    The angle of 108° is specifically chosen to provide optimal support for your back and lumbar region, ensuring a comfortable seating experience.
  • Puff Sofa G01A,B-Solo170 (5)
    Tucked-in Base
    To prevent kicking and minimize the risk of daily stains, the front of the sofa's base is slightly retracted. This design feature helps protect the sofa from unnecessary damage and keeps it looking clean and tidy.
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Puff Sofa / G01A