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Plum Modular Sofa
Plum Modular Sofa
Plum Modular Sofa
Plum Modular Sofa
Plum Modular Sofa
Plum Modular Sofa
Plum Modular Sofa


design by grado R&D Team
Item Number: PLUM-SF-1S

Sofa inspired by plum’s belly stitching, curved upholstered armrests give the sofa an expressive character.
The rounded and thick appearance warms the tone of the entire space and brings a sense of comfort to the home.

Plum Modular Sofa 2-Seater City-120 (23)


grado drew inspiration from plums, a delectable fruit known for its sweet and sour flavor, often used in preserves. By incorporating the curvy shape of plums into the sofa design and infusing the brown color reminiscent of candied plums, we crafted the Plum Modular Sofa. This delightful creation perfectly captures the essence of retro Maillard style, inviting you to relish its nostalgic charm.

grado R&D Team

R&D Team

Our designer team is made up of experienced and award-winning designers who spare no effort to bring extraordinary ideas to life to meet various spatial needs, and regularly collaborate on projects with well-known industry heavyweights.


Our design philosophy:
1. Non-aggressive design
2. Design for current needs
3. Letting good design into thousands of households

We believe that teamwork is the guarantee of success, and a dedicated attitude makes us better.

  • Name

    Plum Modular Sofa / 2-seater

  • Item Number


  • Dimension (mm)


  • Standard Color Description

    Fabric (A):

  • Material

    P2 Plywood+Pine Frame+High Resilience Foam+Non-Woven Fabric+Elastic Webbing+Zigzag Sinuous Springs+Upholstery Batting+Plastic Leveler (3CM)+Upholstery

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/2CTN
    Package 1:
    Assembled: No
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Fabric (A)

    City-120 (250)
    City-270 (250)
  • Plum Modular Sofa 2-Seater City-120 (29)
    Meet The Needs Of Various House Types
    6 types of modules, combined with house-type requirements. Can be freely formed into straight-line and L-shaped combinations of different sizes.
  • Plum Modular Sofa 2-Seater City-120 (28)
    Exquisite Stitching
    The designer skillfully incorporated the groove on the plum into the stitching design of the Plum Modular Sofa.
  • Plum Modular Sofa 2-Seater City-120 (27)
    Wrinkled Textured Fabric
    The unique wrinkles make the cloth feel thick and soft. The wear resistance is 25,000 times, which is equivalent to sitting on it ten times a day. It will remain as good as new for 6 years without pilling.
  • Plum Modular Sofa 2-Seater City-120 (25)
    Build A Tight Seat Bag
    High-resilience sponge + space cotton-filled seat bag, comfortable and resilient without mattress sinking, double-layered seating position, comfortable everywhere
  • Plum Modular Sofa 2-Seater City-120 (20)
    The Integrated Backrest
    There is also soft support when entering corners, the padding is full and tight, and the elastic armrests have a natural and rounded arc, allowing your elbows to be leaned on comfortably.
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