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Pan Flute Sofa
Pan Flute Sofa
Pan Flute Sofa
Pan Flute Sofa
Pan Flute Sofa


design by Mia Yu
Item Number: SAL-SF-G04

The pipes are transformed into several down-lined cushions, giving the sofa a unique form, enveloping seating, and ergonomic support.

Pan Flute Modular Sofa is an ode to craftsmanship, as every down-lined cushion is filled and shaped by experienced artisans. Pan Flute has a slack shape, suiting bright and spacious space well.


Mia Yu

Mia YU graduated from Zhejiang A&F University, majored in interior and furniture design. She joined grado R&D team in 2018 and has participated in several furniture design projects, including Pan Flute Sofa and Waffle Lounge Chair. ‘Design is born to connect people and space’ is her motto.

  • Name

    Pan Flute Sofa / G04

  • Item Number


  • Dimension

    W4040 D2060 H760(mm)

  • Standard Color Description

    Fabric (B):

    Fabric (C):
    MAYA-A2267-2A(Special Finish: Water-Proof, Oil-Proof, Dust-Proof)

  • Material

    Pine Frame+P2 Plywood+Zigzag Sinuous Springs+High Resilience Foam+Upholstery Batting+PP Needle Punched Non-woven Fabric+Non-Woven Fabric+Plastic Leg+Upholstery

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/4CTN
    Package 1: 1220*1100*780mm; N.W.38.9kg; G.W.43.9kg; 1CTN
    Package 2: 1220*1100*780mm; N.W.29.5kg; G.W.34.5kg; 1CTN
    Package 3: 1550*1340*780mm; N.W.32.5kg; G.W.37.5kg; 1CTN
    Package 4: 1770*1350*760mm; N.W.41.9kg; G.W.47kg; 1CTN
    Assembled: No
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Fabric (B)

  • Fabric (C)

  • soft and enveloping feeling
    The armrest and seat cushion are covered with a series of soft wrapping strips. Each segment of the wrapping strip is meticulously crafted with 8cm high-density rebound sponge and space cotton.
    kick-proof design
    The Pan Flute Sofa has a built-in height of 8cm, which effectively prevents daily stains from accumulating on the base of the sofa.
  • Salami Sofa A2267-2A 肥肠沙发场景 (24)
    Be made of a large-grain, three-proof lambswool fabric.
    The surface of the Pan Flute Sofa features granular particles similar to wool balls. It has a unique texture and visually exhibits a good plush feel. It has been treated with three-proof processing, making it waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-proof. Even in white color, you can use it with confidence.
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When making sausages, we often cut them into several sections, both to facilitate their storage and drying and to ensure that each section is full. The designer got inspiration from the method and applied it to the design of Pan Flute Sofa. After many experiments, Pan Flute Sofa has been adjusted to its comfortable seat surface and backrest modeling curve. What’s more, it is divided into different areas to ensure the full filling of each area and to provide support for the leg, hip, waist, and back