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Lamb Pouf
Lamb Pouf
Lamb Pouf
Lamb Pouf
Lamb Pouf
Lamb Pouf

Round - L

design by Jimmy Wang
Item Number: LAM-PF-02

Lamb Pouf can meet the user in the home environment all possible. The lightweight counterweight is easy to move at any time, and the Lamp Pouf has different options in shape and size.

Lamb Pouf Square - L (1)


The ancients had a futon mat for Zen, and we have a “lamb pouf” for sitting.

The state of sitting on the ground and being relaxed is another expression of young people’s life.


Jimmy Wang

Jimmy Wang has been engaged in furniture design for 5 years. The design practice of numerous furniture products affirms him that “furniture is the most elegant micro-architecture in space”. He holds that furniture is more than the designer’s interpretation of space, but the perception of life. A good design contributes not only to the furniture but to the space as a whole.

  • Name

    Lamb Pouf / Round – L

  • Item Number


  • Dimension

    Φ680 H220(mm)

  • Standard Color Description

    1. OTE-GLORE-102
    2. OTE-GLORE-170

  • Material

    Fabric:100% Polyester
    Lining:100% Polyester
    Filling:0.95kg EPS Beads;0.80kg Shredded Foam

  • Packaging Information

    Package:660*600*290mm;N.W.:2.50kg;G.W.: 4.48 kg;
    Packing Materials:Carton

  • Level B Fabric

    Color- 102-2
    Color- 170-2
  • Lamb Pouf Square - L (11)
    Choice of Fabric
    Designers find inspiration in little lambs The lamb wool will feel soft and comfortable Use this looped cashmere fabric to restore Skin friendly and soft feel It's the feeling of touching a lamb that you can imagine
  • Lamb Pouf Square - L (12)
    Invisible Zipper
    Invisible zipper of the same color Do not destroy the appearance of the product, maintain the aesthetic At the end of the zipper there is also a closing position for the zipper head When in use, the zipper will not make noise in contact with the ground
  • 图片1(1)
    Independent liner
    Open the invisible zipper You don't see the stuffing popping out It's a separate liner that you can replace with confidence Even the need for washing or replacement Can be easily satisfied
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Lamb Pouf / Round - L

Crushed sponge +EPS healthy particles filled

Strong support, long sitting without deformation

Precise ratio of EPP foam particles and broken sponge

Meet the dual requirements of comfort and environmental protection