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9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft
9-Layer Sofa Soft

design by Sisi Hong
Item Number: 9LAY-SF-SOFT-1S

9-Layer Sofa is a whole sponge structure of the cushion module sofa system, its bag, backrest, cushion can be combined, can also be used independently, is a high spatial fitness, rich function of the product.

9-Layer Sofa Soft Vienna-103 (21)


The initial design of the 9-Layer Sofa focuses mainly on cultural inheritance and functionality, and the 9-Layer Sofa derived from the series of thick, thick module and daylight sofa takes into account the use needs of different age groups and different types of space.


Sisi Hong

An internationally trained Industrial Designer who graduated from the MID major of the Pratt Institute in New York. She cares about tangible products in daily life that are close enough to people’s daily life and tries to work as a designer to create better products for a better life.

  • Name

    9-Layer Sofa Soft

  • Item Number


  • Dimension


  • Standard Color Description

    Fabric (B):
    4. OTE Vienna 103

  • Material

    Solid Timber Frame+E1 Plywood+High Resilience Foam+Anti-Slip Fabric+Sandbag+PP Cotton+Goose Down Filling+Upholstery

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/1CTN
    Package 1: 1640*1100*400mm; N.W.29kg; G.W.38kgkg; 1CTN
    Assembled: Yes
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Level B Fabric

  • 9-Layer Sofa Soft Vienna-103 (10)
    Component Separation, More Features
    A group of 9-Layer Sofa contains a support bag, a backrest, two cushions, can be used in combination, or can be used independently of each component.
  • 9-Layer Sofa Soft Vienna-103 (8)
    Absolutely Stable Independent Backrest
    The silicone particle anti-slip backing cloth of the backrest ensures the independent separation of the backrest unit and provides stability at the same time, providing perfect support for various free and arbitrary sitting positions.
  • 9-Layer Sofa Soft Vienna-103 (9)
    Pure Sponge Soft Structure Cushion
    No built-in frame, pure sponge structure cushion is not easy to cause bumps, suitable for families with children
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9-Layer Sofa Soft

The traditional Chinese bed, made of wood or bamboo, falls short of the comfort that modern lifestyles primarily seek. Therefore, the cushion of the 9-Layer Sofa is specially designed as a full sponge, no frame structure, to ensure a soft feeling of sitting, but also more suitable for families with children.