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Omelette Lounge Chair
Omelette Lounge Chair
Omelette Lounge Chair
Omelette Lounge Chair
Omelette Lounge Chair
Omelette Lounge Chair
Omelette Lounge Chair

With Armrest

design by Sisi Hong
Item Number: OME-CH-LG-LB-WA

The Omelette Lounge Chair is a modern style lounge chair that pays tribute to the design philosophy of “form follows function” and offers the ultimate comfort with an elegant black leather down cushion and lightweight mirror stainless steel chassis.

Omelette Lounge Chair YG-1607


Grado believes that the essence of furniture design still comes down to the discussion of the relationship between form and function. The fundamental function of a sofa or a leisure chair is only one, that is, a comfortable feeling of sitting.


Sisi Hong

An internationally trained Industrial Designer who graduated from the MID major of the Pratt Institute in New York. She cares about tangible products in daily life that are close enough to people’s daily life and tries to work as a designer to create better products for a better life.

  • Name

    Omelette Lounge Chair / With Armrests

  • Item Number


  • Dimension

    W700 D790 H750 (mm)

  • Standard Color Description

    B:Microhide – Birkin:
    1、Birkin 6038
    2、Birkin 6001

    Fabric (A):

    Leather (L0):

    Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

  • Material

    Stainless Steel Frame+High Resilience Foam+Goose Down Filling+PP Cotton+Plastic Leveler+Upholstery

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/1CTN
    Package: 850*820*785mm;N.W.18.6kg;G.W.23kg;1CTN
    Assembled: Yes
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • B:Microhide - Birkin

    Birkin 6038
    Birkin 6001
  • Fabric (A)

  • Leather (L0)

  • Omelette Lounge Chair YG-1607
    Pursue The Ultimate Sitting Sensation
    After repeated experiments and tests, the designers finally determined that the backrest seat is 105° Angle, which ensures comfort and can be used for leisure reading.
  • Omelette Lounge Chair YG-1607 (4)
    Soft Seat Bag With Strong Wrapping
    The seat bag selects the first layer of rawhide leather in the United States, not blindly pursuing the fashion of slam pattern or nappa leather, returning to the classic, the avenue is simple. Fill 70% goose down for a gentle wrapping. The whole seat under the use of 1000D Cordura fabric, compact and durable at the same time, the structure of the soft fabric makes the whole seat very close to the human body, to achieve a very comfortable feeling of sitting.
  • Omelette Lounge Chair YG-1607 (7)
    Two Fixed Seat Bag Design Brings Personalized Sitting Experience
    The design of the case semi-fixed to the steel frame takes into account the difference in the weight of the user's individual form. The head and tail ends of the seat bag are fixed with Vicro paste, and the middle part is left with appropriate flexible space to ensure that the down seat bag has free space, which fits different human curves and improves the feeling of personalized sitting.
Omelette Lounge Chair / High Back - Without Armrests

Omelette Lounge Chair emphasizes the feeling of people as the subject of use from the function, and pursues the ultimate sense of sitting. From the form, it tries to create a personalized and customized sitting experience by selecting materials and structural details, while highlighting the original beauty of materials by simplifying the structure. Mirror polished metal luster with warm and elegant leather texture, temperament calm and rational, fit a simple and comfortable lifestyle, modern style of home space.