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Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed
Letter Bed


design by grado R&D Team
Item Number: LET-BD-MT12

The Letter Bed draws inspiration from the traditional envelope shape. This slim back bed is perfect for modern minimalist spaces, adding a sense of spaciousness and comfort to any bedroom. Its design pays homage to the nostalgia of receiving letters, evoking a feeling of surprise and warmth that stays with us.

Letter Bed Talent-12 (13)


The Letter Bed takes its inspiration from the classic shape of an envelope. Just like how a thin envelope can hold the weight of precious letters and memories from friends and family, this bed embraces that sentiment. While we may no longer write letters on paper and send them in envelopes, the joy and emotional connection that comes with receiving a heartfelt message remains in our cherished memories. The Letter Bed features a slim and sleek design that perfectly complements modern minimalist spaces. Its overall thin profile creates an illusion of spaciousness, making the room feel open and comfortable without appearing cluttered. It brings a sense of tranquility and simplicity to the bedroom, allowing you to unwind and relax in style.

grado R&D Team

grado R&D Team

grado R&D Team

We were founded in 2014 with a simple idea: “A good design can spark one’s feelings even at first sight. ”

grado R&D Team keeps on making story-telling designs, fusing humanistic care with our stylish designer furnishings.

  • Name

    Letter Bed / 1.2m

  • Item Number


  • Dimension

    W1460 D2160 H1145(mm)

  • Standard Color Description

    1.OTE Talent 12
    2.OTE Talent 26
    3.OTE Talent 37

    Frosting Black Finish

  • Material

    Solid Timber Frame+E1 Plywood+High Resilience Foam+High-Density Foam+Non-Woven Fabric+Upholstery

    Legs*4+Anti-Slip Protectors

    Accessory Material:
    ø38mmx2mmT Metal Legs,H230;(Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating)

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/4CTN
    Bedside: 2080*265*210mm;1CTN
    Back frame: 1750*1080*170mm;1CTN
    Bedstead: 1240*2040*70mm;1CTN
    Accessories: 300*290*160mm;1CTN
    Assembled: No
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Fabric(A)

    OTE Talent 12
    OTE Talent 26
    OTE Talent 37
  • Letter Bed Talent-12 (16)
    Non-Sliding Mattress Integration
    The mattress is cleverly embedded approximately 7cm into the bed frame, ensuring a stable and secure fit that prevents any sliding. This thoughtful design reduces the visible thickness of the mattress, resulting in a sleek and visually appealing ratio.
  • Letter Bed Talent-12 (11)
    Convenient Access for Sweeping Robot
    With a 13cm high foot design, the bed provides ample space for a sweeping robot to move freely and clean every corner without any awkward angles.
  • Letter Bed Talent-12 (4)
    Edge Protection with Soft Padding
    To ensure added safety and protection, the bed is enveloped with a full soft package along its edges. This eliminates the risk of accidental bumps or knocks and prevents any discomfort if you come into contact with the bed's edges.
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Letter Bed