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Bambu Lounge Chair

design by grado R&D Team
Item Number: BAM-CH-LG

The Bambu Lounge Chair comes from the tenacious and vibrant nature of bamboo. The designer has incorporated the lines of bamboo segments into the chair’s frame, blending the color and texture of bamboo into the upholstery. This compact chair is suitable for small-sized living spaces, with its biophilic retro appearance adding a lingering charm and organic vitality to the space.

Bambu Lounge Chair Maya3540-3A(1)


The Bambu Lounge Chair is a small-sized solid wood chair that exudes simplicity while brimming with intricate details. Each wooden strip displays variations in thickness, reminiscent of bamboo nodes, bestowing the chair with a visually combination of sturdiness, delicacy, and strength. The design of the chair draws inspiration from the exquisite lines of bamboo in the nature. Each segment of bamboo is unique yet harmoniously integrated, forming a cohesive and tension-filled whole. The chair’s graceful curve of the rear legs mirrors the resilient upward growth of bamboo, exuding a sense of dynamism and vigor. The copper embellishments at the top of the backrest complement the solid wood, while amplifying the contrast between the two materials, radiating a vintage charm. The exceptional aesthetic design of the Bambu Lounge Chair allows it to effortlessly blend into various spaces, whether it’s a city apartment or a countryside villa. The bio-inspired design, rooted in nature, imparts a richer sense of depth and vitality to the space. This product seamlessly blends Eastern vintage allure with Western midcentury modern vibes, marking a significant milestone for grado in designing products that embrace diverse cultural influences and multiple aesthetic perspectives.

grado R&D Team

grado R&D Team

grado was established in 2014 with a simple idea:” A good design can spark one’s feelings even at first sight.LerThe team keeps on making story-telling designs, fusing humanistic care with its original furnishings. In the team, experienced and award-winning designers spare no effort to bringing extraordinary ideas to life, catering to diverse spatial needs. They frequently collaborate with well-known industry heavyweights on various projects. The designers put people first and craft products that align with contemporary needs. They promote non-aggressive design and seek to establish harmony between individuals and their spaces. Their aspiration is for originality to take root like seeds in the fertile soil and flourish, stretching as far as the eye can see.

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    Bambu Lounge Chair

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    Package :
    Packing Materials: CartonHoneycomb Cardboard;P1 Plywood;PE Foam Tube;Bubble Wrap;Packaging Air Bag;

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    Ash wood solid wood+High Resilience Foam+P2 Plywood+Goose Down Filling+PP Cotton/Polyester Fiber Filler+Goose Down Filling+Anti-Slip Fabric(Rubber Treated)+Dust Cover+Upholstery

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    Maya A3540-3A
  • Bambu Lounge Chair City-355 (5)
    Compact Design
    Occupying only 0.5m2, it can fit into any corner of your home seamlessly.
    Striking Silhouette
    The striking silhouette is achieved through a deliberate play of proportions, with the legs mimicking the graceful contours of bamboo nodes. The alternating thickness of the legs creates a dynamic visual impact, exuding a sense of energy and strength.
  • Bambu Lounge Chair Maya3540-3A (9)
    Cushioned Armrest
    The 4cm armrest is crafted with solid wood and soft cushion, ensuring a comfortable experience.
    Streamlined Details
    The armrests and backrest of the chair are polished into streamlined wooden strips, endowing the chair with a warm and gentle temperament.
  • Bambu Lounge Chair Maya3540-3A (13)
    Copper Embellishment
    At the top of the backrest are two small copper balls, paired with solid wood to create a vintage and elegant atmosphere.
    Wooden Structure
    The chair is made from North American FAS grade ash wood and assembled using traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joinery, ensuring stability for 20 years. The wooden strips are coated with semi-open paint, guaranteeing a safe and formaldehyde-free usage experience.
  • City-355+Maya A3540-3A 3
    Particle Textured Upholstery
    Crafted of yarn with a variety of colors and materials, the upholstery embodies unique texture, adding depth to both visual and tactile dimensions.
    Ripple Textured Upholstery
    The upholstery pattern mimics the movements of water ripples swaying in the breeze, providing a plush, soft feel that is friendly to the skin.