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Pet Furniture: Rise of Pet Humanization as a Global Trend

As people’s living standards rise and the desire for companionship grows, an increasing number of individuals are opting to have pets and regarding them as equal members of the household. This shift has sparked a demand for furniture that enhances the well-being of pets. According to a market analysis report by GRAND VIEW RESEARCH, there is a notable uptick in consumer interest in innovative and stylish pet accessories, including furniture. It is projected that by 2025, the global pet furniture market will reach a size of 3 billion USD, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% over the forecast period. Pet furniture manufacturers are focusing on creating multifunctional and trendy products to meet the needs of pet owners. They are adopting a design-centric approach to ensure that pet furniture seamlessly integrates with the home decor of pet owners.



Being an original furniture brand, grado aims to elevate people’s living experience, offering them relaxation and solace both physically and emotionally, driven by our longing for beauty and enriching life. With the growing emphasis on the necessity of pets, we also recognize the role of pets as loyal companions to humans, deserving of an improved living environment. Thus, we have expanded our efforts to enhance lifestyles for both humans and pets.  


Through research, we have discovered that people’s essential expectations for pet furniture include safeguarding the pet’s physical health, prioritizing environmental sustainability, integrating technology and multifunctional features, and offering personalized custom options. Moreover, pet owners with greater financial resources tend to seek high-end designs, premium materials, and exclusive products. Consequently, there is a growing demand for niche and luxury pet furniture.  



We have been mindful of pets in furniture design from the outset by using three-proof technology fabrics or leather, along with fabrics featuring tight yarns or larger particle textures, which offer excellent wear and scratch resistance while being easy to clean and stain-proof. The Zong Sofa is crafted from a beige three-proof fabric, providing waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-resistant properties. Drawing inspiration from the adorable appearance and companionship of pets, our designers have created a variety of small animal-shaped furniture pieces, such as Hippo Pouf and MieMie Cushion. Additionally, we have cushions both for humans and pets, like Snow Rice Cracker Cushion and Sesame Ball Cushion.  



Since 2023, grado has embarked on designing more specialized pet furniture, establishing it as a dedicated research and development sector.  


Recognizing the harmonious and symbiotic relationship between humans and pets, we have incorporated this concept into the design of the Petpal Lounge Chair. The chair features sleek lines and a strong sense of design. People can comfortably sit on the seat, while the hollow space beneath the seat provides a cozy retreat for pets. This design creates a secure and welcoming environment for pets without making them feel confined. The Petpal Lounge Chair is designed to accompany both you and your pets, recognizing and catering to the needs of both.  



The Cubic Pet Stairs is specially designed for pets, making it easier for them to climb onto sofas or beds, expanding their living space while prioritizing their safety. The stairs feature rounded edges to prevent pets from bumping into sharp corners and getting hurt. The upholstery includes leather, striped textured chenille, and grainy fabric, providing a non-slip surface for added safety.



The Circle Pet Nest is a cozy retreat designed for cats and small dogs, featuring a removable cushion for easy cleaning. Its lamb wool-like upholstery offers a comfortable surface to lean on, providing pets with a sense of security. The slightly raised outer edge allows pets to rest their heads comfortably, catering to their body contour.  



grado is committed to further exploring the needs of pets and their owners, crafting living spaces that cater to both humans and small animals. We firmly believe that a harmonious blend of comfort, beauty, and love between people and animals will create a seamless and enduring cycle of positivity.