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Milan Design Week: Unveiling Collaborative New Items

In 2024, for the eighth consecutive year, grado has secured a prestigious invite to showcase at the Milan Exhibition, a global hub for innovative furniture designs and boundless creativity.


We dive deep into every facet of exhibition planning and execution. From the initial concept development to the meticulous transport of exhibits, on-site embellishments, and product displays, our team is fully immersed. Whether it’s the founder, designers, or BD professionals, each member brings their unique expertise to the table. We firmly believe that this hands-on approach ensures that every team member effectively communicates grado’s vision, along with the essence and allure of our products, throughout the exhibition.  



Join grado each day from April 16th to April 21st at 10:00 AM Milan time to explore the lightness of furniture, reshaping the definition of home and lifestyle. Here, you’ll encounter a delightful mix of styles, with medieval, modern, and Bauhaus influences interweaving seamlessly. Materials collide in a beautiful array, with velvet, leather, and stainless steel reflecting boundless inspiration. Each piece is on physical display, ready to be touched, felt and smelled, allowing you to fully experience the ergonomic functionality. Behind each creation, you’ll find a corresponding poster detailing its origins, inspiration, and the designer’s story.


On the ground floor of the showroom, you’ll get a first glimpse of our “lightness” concept through large posters, brochures, and engaging conversations with staff. As you move to the second floor, you’ll discover simulated layouts of our rural villas and urban apartment designs, alongside displays of congeneric product categories.



Our grand unveiling of the collaborative new items alongside a KOL with half a million followers in Milan signifies our utmost dedication to the Milan Exhibition. Partnering with a KOL allows grado to leverage the online sphere to genuinely understand the voices of users. We translate users’ practical needs and aesthetic preferences into our designs, ensuring that great design embodies culture and offers comfort in people’s home lives.  


The Solar Lounge Chair draws its inspiration from the admiration for the sun worship of the Yi ethnic in the southwest of China. The Yi people, with their keen observation of the sun, established one of the most precise calendars in the world, using it for agricultural cultivation. The design of the Solar Lounge Chair incorporates traditional elements of Yi culture, such as the spherical decoration on the chair’s top. In addition to the solid color upholstery, we have specially utilized limited edition upholstery made from the Yi ethnic intangible cultural heritage embroidery fabric. The bright and captivating color combinations and unique ethnic patterns, skillfully handwoven by talented Yi women, are showcased on the chair. grado aims to bring this ancient and charming civilization and craftsmanship to the world.   



The Bambu Lounge Chair is a finely crafted solid wood leisure chair that appears unassuming yet is enriched with intricate details. Each wooden strip boasts varying thickness akin to bamboo nodes, creating a visually compelling effect of strength and delicacy. Inspired by the graceful lines of bamboo nodes in nature, the design of the chair intricately combines unique yet harmonious sections to form a visually captivating whole. The elegant curvature of the chair’s back legs mirrors the resilient upward growth of bamboo, imbuing the piece with a sense of movement and vitality. The copper adornments at the backrest’s crest harmonize with the solid wood, showcasing a delightful and engaging mix of materials that exudes a vintage charm. This product seamlessly blends Eastern allure with Western medieval vibes, marking a significant milestone for grado in designing products that embrace diverse cultural influences and multiple aesthetic perspectives.  



grado is set to curate an immersive experience filled with a sense of ceremony. Our team will personally guide you through the entire exhibition hall, introducing the “lightness” theme, allowing you to experience our products, understand the design, and feel how our products complement different types of spaces. Upon entry, you can leave your signature on our Hippo Pouf. You can also scan the QR code to follow our social media and add grado’s contact information. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to unlock surprise gifts on-site, including grado’s custom-designed eco-friendly woven bags.  


In Milan, we are looking forward to exchanging ideas about furniture design and craftsmanship, the warmth of home, and the joy of living with you.