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Clerkenwell Design Week: grado’s Design Excellence at LOFT’s Pop-up

From the 21st to the 23rd of May, grado is teaming up with our exclusive UK dealer LOFT for a pop-up store debut at the Clerkenwell Design Week.


Clerkenwell, recognized as one of the most important design centers in the world, boasts a higher concentration of creative businesses and architects than anywhere else on the planet. This unique environment has been instrumental in facilitating the successful continuation of the Clerkenwell Design Week. Now in its 15th year, the upcoming event will feature a new venue and expanded exhibition space. Anticipated to surpass 37,000 visitors in 2023, the event will mark a new pinnacle in terms of participating brands and exhibitor numbers. Moreover, the exhibition is expected to host over 600 curated events across the EC1 neighborhood, complemented by a strong network consisting of over 160 local design showrooms and 300 exhibitors.



grado is delighted to participate in such a prestigious design event, showcasing our design philosophy and lifestyle attitude. What’s more, we have the valuable assistance and support of our experienced local partner, LOFT. In June 2023, grado and LOFT entered into a partnership agreement, with LOFT becoming the exclusive dealer for grado in the UK. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in interior design and furniture, LOFT has successfully crafted spaces ranging from rental properties to student dormitories and offices across different regions in the UK, offering comprehensive service solutions.


During the Clerkenwell Design Week, we will collaborate with LOFT to host an exclusive furniture pop-up at the green hub, showcasing products from both the grado Living and Contract product lines. The event coincides with LOFT’s 21st anniversary celebration on May 23 during the exhibition period. Additionally, throughout the entire Clerkenwell Design Week, LOFT will organize multiple workshops and discussions with experts and leaders in the furniture industry. The discussions will revolve around trending topics such as Digital AI, Shared Living, Sustainability, and Social Value, providing a platform for professionals in the home decor and design field to share insights and exchange ideas.


The products exhibited at this event organically combine the allure of geometric elements with the comfort of fluffy upholstery. The Swell Sofa, Pan Flute Sofa, and Fatty Sofa maximize the appeal of low-center-of-gravity design, presenting a modest and non-aggressive appearance that reinforces the concepts of intimacy, security, and a safe haven at home. The Tulip Lounge Chair and Leaf Chair integrate organic elements from the natural world, incorporating the petal shape of tulips and the leaf vein texture into the furniture design, creating a fresh and natural ambiance that brings back the vitality and vigor of greenery. The Belly Lounge Chair reshapes the elegant style of a woman’s coat collar into the backrest and armrest of the chair, showcasing respect for females and women’s rights. We believe that respectable individuals and worthy objects should be repeatedly mentioned to enable more profound contemplation and remembrance.



Notably, all these products feature the MAYA and Decent series of Upholstery. We are dedicated to ensuring a unified display, systematically communicating our design philosophy to every visitor. MAYA upholstery incorporates wool, lending it a rugged style that is both thick and comfortable, with a soft touch.  The DECENT upholstery features a soft and luxurious plush surface that feels warm and gentle to the touch. It is adorned with bamboo pattern, showcasing vivid and rich colors.  


In the Decor section, we’ve chosen the Palette Cushion, inspired by a color palette, with a hollow that makes it easy to handle. The cushion is designed in candy colors and is upholstered with GLORE fabric, providing a texture reminiscent of lambswool, thick and soft to the touch. Its playful design makes it suitable for families with children and those who enjoy adding fantastic parts to their homes. Just like its name suggests, the color palette can serve as an accent in your home, adjusting the calmness of your living space.



From May 21st to May 23rd, at the green hub, grado’s furniture will offer a delightful experience and a fresh perspective on home living.