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Adaptable Living Spaces: Mobile Furniture as a Key to Multifunctionality

As society moves at an increasingly fast pace, many people find themselves in a state of physical and mental fatigue due to excessive work. The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have heightened awareness of personal well-being and the importance of living in the moment. This shift has led to a rise in remote work and freelancing. People now seek to meet various needs—relaxation, work, study, fitness, and creativity—within their living spaces. These spaces extend beyond homes to include short-term rentals for digital nomads, youth hostels, and hotels. In essence, everyone involved in creating and using living spaces now demands greater flexibility.


Given that the size and layout of these spaces often remain fixed, interior furnishings have become the most adjustable element. Lightweight, flexible, adjustable, and movable furniture has become highly sought after. Lightweight designs mean easier assembly and transportation, while adjustable and movable features can cater to a variety of user needs, embodying true multifunctionality.


grado, through its keen understanding of internet trends and thorough research of the home market, has recognized this demand for more flexible, multifunctional furniture. In response,we have embarked on the design, development, and production of various product lines, achieving promising initial results.



With the advancement of television technology and wireless networks, TV screens have evolved into versatile tools for fitness, gaming, learning, working, and meetings. This versatility necessitates TV screens that can be easily moved to different locations. In response to this need, we have designed two innovative TV stands: the Lunarvista TV Stand and the Scone TV Stand. These stands allow TV screens to be effortlessly repositioned.



Constructed with durable stainless steel legs and complemented by wood plus black leather, these stands offer a natural and harmonious midcentury modern aesthetic. The smooth-rolling casters at the base ensure easy mobility, while locking mechanisms provide stability when needed. With a gentle push, you can transform your space into a gym, gaming room, study, office, or meeting area with ease.



The Flowing Trolley designed in mid-century modern style, can be moved to any spot of your home as desired. It draws inspiration from the drifting clouds in the sky, embodying a sense of freedom and ease. The designer aimed to create a versatile and liberating small trolley that adds comfort and practicality to the home. The flexibility of the trolley is first reflected in its mobility, with smooth and silent swivel casters, effortlessly moved to any desired location. With secure locking brakes, it stands steady wherever you place it – be it in the living room, on the balcony, or in the kitchen. The storage is also personalized. The three-tier wooden shelves are detachable and adjustable in height, accommodating items of various sizes. Additionally, leather side pockets of different sizes are available for storing magazines, tools, and other items.



The Sundae Table is a versatile, height-adjustable lift table equipped with universal wheels at the bottom. Ideal for compact spaces, it promotes both openness and functionality. The chair’s combination of 201 polished stainless steel and ash solid wood not only enhances its visual appeal but also exudes the charm of industrial design. It draws inspiration from the curved shape of a sundae, reflecting its wider ends and narrower middle. This design provides ample storage space and stable support, while the slimmer middle section creates a lighter and more flexible appearance. The combination of stainless steel and a solid wood desktop evokes a retro-style ambiance, lending refinement and elegance to its look. The table not only offers adjustable height but also features universal wheels for convenient mobility within the home. Versatile in function, it can serve as a modern coffee table, a compact workbench, a side table, or even an impromptu operating surface.



These three items fulfill the essential functions of furniture: multimedia display, placement, and storage. Their mobility allows these functional features to extend into various settings, enhancing the space’s versatility. Simply moving these furniture pieces effortlessly enables seamless transitions between different uses.


Maintaining a consistent style, they showcase grado’s enduring aesthetic. We combine classic materials like wood, stainless steel, and leather in a minimalist and Bauhaus-inspired design, prioritizing simplicity and the Bauhaus principle of “form follows function”. The clean lines, elegant profiles, and retro color schemes pay tribute to the charm of mid-century modern furniture. Infused with original design inspirations from our talented inhouse designers, these


pieces transcend ordinary utility carts, becoming artistic additions seamlessly blending into any home environment—classic, stylish, and harmonious.


Exploring the diverse possibilities of your space doesn’t have to be costly; sometimes, it starts with a single piece of multifunctional, mobile furniture.