Crescent Roll vs. Croissant: grado’s Furniture Design Inspiration from Food 

Written by Amanda CHEN

Proofread by Ursula YANG

August 15th, 2022



The debate between crescent roll versus croissant has been going on since the 1900s. Despite their similar looks, the doughy goods are vastly different in their taste, texture and baking style. Basically, a croissant is a pastry, originating in Austria and a crescent roll is an American bread. grado has selected crescent roll and taken inspiration from it for our new footstool design, Crescent Pouf.





grado believe that lifestyle philosophy is dug out from daily life. People take for granted to get a croissant while ordering one iced Americano, or pick a pack of crescent rolls while shopping in Costco. But we are rarely interested in the history or details of daily food as a result of overfamiliarity.




(Sisi HONG’s Crescent Pouf sketch)



Sisi HONG the furniture designer with grado, however, seized the characters of crescent rolls. When Sisi was working on her master degree in Pratt Institute in the US, crescent roll was one of her favorites for its convenience and tasty flavor. So she was naturally inspired by the bread’s shape and characters, aspiring to making it a real furniture product.


Scroll down to know more differences between crescent roll and croissant, as well as grado’s inspiration from crescent roll’s advantages.


(grado’s Variegated Crescent Poufs)



Croissant is actually French for ‘crescent’ and is made by folding butter into the dough in multiple layers which results in a soft and flaky pastry. It is a time-consuming process and requires quite a bit of muscle to do it right. Homemade croissants are hard work. Whilst crescent rolls are easy to make at home — rolling out a yeasty dough, shaping it into a crescent, and then baking which results in a dense, dinner-roll like bread.

grado has been delivering a lifestyle of minimalist sophistication. Which means we call for our customers to lead a minimal and chill life, but with thoughtfully humanistic care shown on details. Lifestyle is not supposed to take superfluous effort and time like “making a croissant” to pursue superficial refinement. While “making a crescent roll” is properly chill yet chic.


(Artisan-made creases and natural wrinkles)



That was why grado’s Crescent Pouf was detailed with five artisan-made creases on each corner with natural wrinkles going down. The creases guarantee the pouf surface to be upholstered by a whole piece of leather or fabric and to make all the stitches invisible. For the lower side, we also use the same material with the surface. We would rather be decisive in matters of quality since details are never detail.


For the other, crescent rolls can be eaten with any meal of the day, and tastes great with sweet and savory dishes. Nevertheless, croissants pair well with sweet dishes only, mostly for breakfast or brunch. The designer admired crescent roll’s one-fits-for-most character, which was exactly she believed: to design a practical and versatile furniture piece. Her Crescent Pouf can be arranged in many different settings. Also, Crescent Pouf is easily-carried to be re-arranged in your space at any time to help you build a new look. 





It can serve as an extra seat in your living room when friends or families gathering together.



You can take a seat on the Crescent Pouf while changing into your slippers when arriving home.



Why not arrange a Crescent Pouf by the end of your bed to hold your clothes, books, or other odds and ends?



Or if you need a temporary coffee table when sitting on the floor.





Designer furniture almost function the same with any artworks in your place. Whilst grado believes furnishings not only decorate the space, but make a statement of lifestyle. You can’t step in the same river twice because everything changes with time. Faced with the eternity of changes, grado sticks to the basics of aesthetics and practicality. We believe that long lasting company speaks louder than any sweet promises.



Crescent Roll Vs Croissant: Ultimate 2022 Guide


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