Where There Is a Sketch Chair There is a Rational Thinker




When youre sketching something,

you are rationally extracting and purifying its logic.



We have heard enough of judging women being more emotional and thus being pushy and oversensitive, or being more emotional and therefore difficult to communicate with and cooperate with. Too emotional to succeed in business or to gain ascent up the organizational ladder. 

Fed up with all those stereotypes about women being “emotional”, female designer Wendy LIU and Mia YU made their co-statement on breaking this very gender stereotype and showing female designers’ rational side through a furniture design.


 Wendy LIU and Mia YU the Designers


With grado, Wendy LIU the assertive and aggressive young lady took her inspiration from a sketch of outdoor chairs in groups by herself. Then she decided to develop it a statement-making product — to be so clear, so rational, so enlightened and so inclusive.


Wendy’s First Sketch and the Later Rendering


Wendy selected the concept of “sketch” since she believed that sketching something was to extract and purify the most essential and logical features. Sketching or briefing is never to be casual and easy, though people might have some misunderstandings. A sketch represents someone’s rational thinking and ability to express oneself directly and clearly. With the Sketch Chair design, Wendy spoke for women’s rational side and all-round capabilities. She knew that the best explanation of “empowered women” was characterful performance.



After Sketch Chair became an Iconic Award Innovative Interior winner in 2018, grado appreciated this design with its attitudes behind, and developed the extended Sketch Chair 2.0 with another female designer Mia YU’s help, enriching the Sketch Series.





The Sketch Chair is lightweight and delicate visually, owing to its steel rod frame with slim wires forming the seat and backrest. Yet it was particularly designed to be a weatherproof outdoor chair. Its galvanized surface withstands intense humidity, heavy rain, extreme heat and other tough conditions.




Meanwhile, this one-fits-for-all Sketch Chair is extremely inclusive to be arranged in many different settings: indoors and outdoors, living space and work space, for residential use or commercial use. Its low-profile look allows it to communicate and cooperate with any other furnishing pieces well. Sketch Chair is absolutely a capable “team member” that supports to elevate any space.



Sketch Chair in China Design Museum


China Design Museum was located in the China Academy of Art, where Wendy LIU the Sketch Chair designer was graduated from. The rational and logical silhouette of Sketch Chair also suited well in front of the saturated burnt orange wall.


Sketch Chairs in Chinese Architecture-themed Guest House


With white wall, grey brick and black tile as its symbols, the Hui-styled Chinese house has been well-known among international architecture amateurs. grado’s Sketch Chairs harmoniously blended in this guest house adapted from old traditional buildings.


Sketch Chairs in DPD Life Research Laboratory Cafe


As a response to the pandemic concerns and social distancing, outdoor chair and table has been experiencing a fast growth to meet the need of outdoor dining and hospitality. Sketch Chair is a permanent choice for this cafe’s sun-soaked area.











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