The Story Behind Belly Lounge Chair: A Refusal to Accept Lookism

Written by Amanda CHEN

July 15th, 2022



Fashion magazines, social media, and commercials co-ingrain a toxic beauty standard on one’s mind and in the social norms. Feeling ashamed of how we look is like a new anxiety disorder caused by fashion trends, beauty products, highly followed IG influencers and any other embodiment of Lookism. People are more likely to buy camera-ready clothes instead of comfortable clothes, camera-ready envelope bag instead of useful tote bag, camera-ready chair instead of ergonomic chair. Fed up with the appearance bullying everywhere, Lava LUO the designer decided to make her statement against Lookism with grado through this Belly Lounge Chair.





As the first “buzz-word” you might think of when it comes to Lookism, body-shaming has included criticisms and judgement of both being “too fat” and “too skinny”. Leaning back on the Belly Lounge Chair with exaggeratedly ‘chubby-belly’ seat and sickly ‘skinny-legs’ means pressing on the shaming jokes with your own weight and strength. Through this furniture design, Lava was showing her opinion that the comfort of self-esteem and softness of self-love are much more important than the conventional notions of beauty.





grado appreciated designer Lava’s critical thinking and was willing to support this fight against unreasonable shames on physical appearance. That was why grado R&D team helped to write the next chapter, making the attractive idea into a real armchair — Belly Lounge Chair.





What we expected from Belly Lounge Chair was an armchair with large and soft upholstered shell and slim metal leg with ergonomic comfort. Also, we were going to make a chair bearing everybody’s size and weight, echoing its idea of embracing all body figures. For one thing, we deliberately selected the steel pipe with a diameter of 28MM and a thickness of 2MM, with a capacity of 225KG(≈3 adults). For another, we have done five rounds of experiments and improvements to guarantee the best structure of frame. grado cares about material, detail, and tactile.





To make this product even more characterful, grado offers various fabrics, real leather and organosilicon leather in multiple color options. We hope its user to arrange his/her own Belly Lounge Chair(s) to express both individual preference and “war declaration” against Lookist judgement. grado is bringing responsible stories into everyday life.


Belly Lounge Chair offers superior coziness and adorable look, ready to elevate your individual space. Indulging in the Belly Lounge Chair for a reading afternoon or a scrolling up and down screentime. You deserve to enjoy the casualness after a fully occupied day.





This black-and-white Belly Lounge Chair upholstered with fleece-liked bumpy fabric offers extreme softness. It is definitely an one-fits-for-all piece for many different settings: cafe, lounge area, open plan office…





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