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Going further beyond guaranteeing you a neat and tidy desktop, office storage organizers can be even more expressive than you’ve imagined.


Scroll down to discover grado’s new arrivals for your office desktop organization.




Acrylic Shelf

You are what you display on an Acrylic Shelf.


The open plan office designed to encourage more communication among co-workers doesn’t always work as expected. The first ice-breaking question is still hard to come up with, especially for fresh men who felt strange to the whole workspace and the people around. grado is offering a solution here through a simple organizer design.

Different from the traditional desktop organizers, which focus on putting away as more objects as possible orderly in a space-saving container, our new Acrylic Shelf highlights its displaying function through a free standing shelf design. Each object is shown in a well-organized frame. This desktop display is eye-catchy to any co-workers walking by, and is also convenient for the users to directly get what he/she needs without digging and rummaging.



With an Acrylic Shelf, you can arrange a plant display speaking for your biophilia; a mini statue telling stories of the Renaissance and art history; a reed diffuser showing your fancy taste on the floral scents; a Japanese-made porcelain tea cup expressing your admiration of oriental traditional craftsmanship; or a whimsical monster toy from blind box shop standing for your trendy interest in the original designer toy industry. Anyways, you are what you display on an Acrylic Shelf.

grado’s Acrylic Shelf was designed to function as a 3-dimensional name card standing on the user’s office table to introduce ones preferences and interests to other co-workers, to help those who are not talkative to tell others who they are. So your first ice-breaking words might be “Wow, I also like this Pop Mart monster a lot!” or “Where did you get that tea cup on the shelf? It’s soooo fancy!”






Felty Box

Environmentalists’ choice.


grado has always been a responsible brand focusing on humanistic care. Felty Box is our new attempt on environment-friendly product. Our designer has tried hard to select this special felt made of PET material. PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is basically recycled from plastic bottles, polyester fibre, covers of electronic products etc. Twenty-five plastic bottles can be made into one grado’s Felty Box. To choose Felty Box is to choose a environmental protective lifestyle, following the idea of 3R — “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.



Package of Felty Box was designed to serve as an organizer for daily storage.



grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting your all-round work space needs. We are always willing to support your furnishing selecting with regards to overall management, teamwork development, and social responsibilities.


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