Outdoor Space

The inflow of the millennials as the fresh blood into today’s office brings about changes to the form of productivity, driving enterprises to transform from manufacturing-oriented to intelligence- oriented with creativity and design at the core of enterprises’ development. While the era promotes employees to create value through wisdom, excellent office space fully maximizes the value of employees.

For this reason, we explored the relationship among behavior, space and product. We start from employees’ needs for office behavior, propose corresponding space solutions and further derive corresponding product portfolio from the space. Through the modularized design of multiple spaces and their reorganization and integration, we strive to achieve the best effect in both function and visual experience.
Based on the review and analysis of previous project cases, we have put forward six modules of office space which created many distinctive wonderful chemical reactions when integrated into different corporate cultures.

We are convinced that facilitating the implementation of corporate culture and building a creative, efficient, comfortable and healthy office space will stimulate the infinite potential of employees, strengthen their sense of identity to the job and sense of belonging to the enterprise, thus bringing success to the enterprise.

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