“Make a Rabbit Hole”: Hotel Design for Wonderfully Philosophical Experiences


Way beyond feel-at-home coziness and comfort, independent hotels and guest houses nowadays are bringing their guests into fresh and inspired respite like a journey to the “rabbit hole”. People coming to the hotel jump into the hole to start adventures in wonderland and gain surreal experiences. Since that hotel design has developed its new dimensions that helps recharge and regenerate people’s minds and bodies.


Read on to discover grado’s cooperation with two extraordinary hoteliers and our co-thinking on embodying philosophy of life with an overall hotel design:




Tingjian Guest House


Its Chinese name “tingjian/听涧”, literally means staying calm and listening to the sound of stream flowing in the valley. This very idea was rooted in the biophilia from Taoism and the Zen from Buddhism. That is why the highest state of mind in ancient Chinese philosophy allows one to relinquish all powers, controls, and desires of worldly life, and be a hermit in the valley or mountain.


The word “tingjian” suggests exactly this old-time spiritual pursuit. Located in a valley of Mogan Mountain with waterfall as its neighbour, Tingjian Guest House enjoys an ideal ambience of nature and tranquility.


grado product: Sketch Chair; Lotus Side Table


Guests can relax and make memories from mount path walks to family adventures. The natural and biophilic landscape guarantees healthy and refreshing outdoor experiences, making the guest house a perfect destination for respite and meditation. grado’s Sketch Chair and Lotus Side Table seat well into the mounts’ shades of green and the sky’s half grey, half blue. These sun and water-resistant products were particularly designed for worry-free placement in exterior area.


grado product: Bend Chair


This isolated hotel not only houses guest rooms, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and private event area, but offers its guests a chance to have a trip of ancient oriental life philosophy of seclusion life.





Philife Hotel


This is a traditional hotel that has been refurbished by Wanjiao Fu the brand designer and her team from San Francisco. Wanjiao has redesigned and refreshed a new distinct identity for the old-styled hotel, namely a paradise of book-lovers exploring philosophy. She has really empowered the business with her understandings to the millennials, including their enthusiasm, curiosity, fancy pursuits, keen sense to the past, as well as spiritual needs.



grado product: Vally Bench


This wall of decoration in the reception area is absolutely an expressive extravaganza. Broken pieces of old things had been painted all white, half embedded into the white wall. As symbols of the past time, these objects were covered by white paint, implying one’s memories fading away. This contemporary art styled wall would trigger young guests recalling their childhood. grado’s Valley Bench are naturally added to this scene and allows the guests to linger a bit longer there.





grado product: Mart Sofa; Fungo Table;


For those young “bookworms” living in city area, who just couldn’t afford their own full wall bookcase, but always dream to have one, Philife Hotel is a perfect sample to unbag. Both the hotel’s rich collection of books and its whimsical decoration made of books are showing full respect to the strength of knowledge and philosophy. grado’s Mart Sofa and Fungo Table provides a wonderfully cozy and ergonomic seat for long reading hours.




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