Library as a Third Place in the Community: Way beyond a “Warehouse of Books”


Kindle and reading apps have gained their new momentum in the book sales market for their convenience and bargain price. Therefore, library has to find its new position, instead of a pure warehouse of print resources, and its new targets, rather than solely bookworms. Offering disparate services, especially space services, and cultivating the booklover-to-be, especially young ones in the community, are likely to become new responsibilities of a library. By serving as a “third place”, library is becoming a homey space for all community members and experiencing an increased patron use.


Followings are grado’s place-making suggestions for a multi-functional modern library:


  1. Library as an alternative of office space

The seats for reading in a library space are exactly the original version of what we now call “hot desk”. For the increasing number of hybrid workers, it’s always a thing to find alternative work places when they are out of the office. The coffee shop usually doesn’t have safe and stable WIFI and private space for sensitive calls. While in your home office, it’s extremely hard to eliminate all those distractions from your roommate who is also working, from your kids who might be having online classes, or from your adorable pet who tries to grab your attention every single minute. The library seats where you can plug in and get to work is absolutely a complementary plan


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  1. Library as a wonderland of quality time

Library can be a inter-generational living space for social interaction, cultural exchanges, and emotional bonds. grado translated the fairy storybook into the reading space of MAGIC KINGDOM children’s library, providing a dreamy environment to encourage family quality time. We featured this children-oriented space with mushroom-inspired fungo pouf, pebble-inspired coffee table, and lotus leaf-inspired side table. grado believed that this tactile fairy tale design might make reading time more attractive for young children than screen time.


Children’s library solution by grado

See grado products: pebble coffee table; lotus side table; fungo pouf;




  1. Library as an incubator for new business or career

The group study spaces, including open plan area and chamber rooms, might become the starting point of a start-up company, or serve as the turning point of one’s career. That is to say, library can even function as a business incubator via providing spaces where people can openly discuss and debate without having to keep their voices down. To encourage the development of an urban incubator, library should also feature innovative technology, staff support, brainstorm setup, as well as functional furnishings. grado’s Hug Lounge Chair offer a casual and comfortable seat suitable for long seating of teamwork discussion. The Modo S modular sofas are to meet the need of various group scales.


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  1. Library as a perfect choice of community activities

Community gatherings like meeting, seminar, workshop, and performance require a large program room. Flexible wheeled training chairs can be arranged to match different number of participants or meet the needs of various events. grado’s Penguin Lounge Chair goes much beyond flexibility, and also consider the issue of long seating, which is often the case in these community events. The ergonomic seat cushion and lightweight armrest and backrest perfectly speak for grado’s thoughtful care to the user.


grado product: penguin lounge chair;




grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting people’s all-round space needs. We promise to support your community’s spatial demands, physically, emotionally, and artistically.



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