How grado Empowers Clinical Space with Furniture Design

grado offers people-oriented space solutions through extremely thoughtful designs.

We focus on three key areas: clinical staff, community, and patient spaces.




For one thing, grado makes design considering people. Patients, their families and healthcare professionals are all participants in the healthcare . Our design is to enhance interpersonal connections, wellbeing and sense of security, significantly improving personal experience.


For another, grado makes design considering experiences. From physical examination space to clinical team work area, from patient room to infusion room, and the transition space for patients and their families, grado provides innovative space solutions for a more interconnected healthcare experience.






Reception is important since it gives patients the first impression. Patients and their companies will wait or take a short rest here. Creating a comfortable and soft lounge area in lobby will help relieve patients’ nervous feelings in a clinical space.


· Island Lounge Area


  grado product:    COOKIES CUSHION


The soft green seat cushions and the greenery add a sense of nature and vitality to the wooden island base in a large reception lobby. It not only provides a resting place for visitors, but also translates a natural language into the space, reflecting the concept of “biophilic design”.




· Children’s Leisure Area



grado product: FLOW SOFA & FUNGO POUF


Mushroom-liked poufs at a child’s height that are tactile and recognizable assist children in having fun and help relieve some of the anxiety of a medical visit. The carefully selected coloring serves as positive distraction in a waiting area of the pediatric department. The lounge prepared for parents around gives children more sense of security.





Waiting area is usually located near the medical office and is very important for patients who are about to see a doctor. The number of seats in the waiting area should consider the usual number of visitors for convenience, and also for space saving. Furniture in the waiting area should be comfortable and soft to help relieve patients’ pressure.


· Primary Waiting Area


grado product:   FLOW SOFA



The primary waiting area needs to meet the temporary resting needs of a large number of visitors. Comfortable and soft sofas are arranged instead of traditional steel stacked chairs, which not only brings patients a good medical experience, but also improves the image of the hospital.




· Secondary Waiting Area

grado product: MART SOFA



The secondary waiting area is usually located next to doctors’ offices or nurse station. The amiable seats give care and sense of security to patients. The anti-bacteria and dust-proof fabrics are easy to clean.





In the traditional design of clinical space, attention to the individual needs of medical staff is far from enough. Medical workers bear a much heavier workload than other professions and are in greater need of quality rest, both physically and mentally, to relieve stress. If their needs continue to be ignored, it will be difficult to improve the efficiency and motivation of health care workers. Medical institutions can provide comfortable space for medical staff through space design so as to improve the well-being and satisfaction of staff, and help medical staff to maintain a good working state.


· Lounge Area in Nurse Station


 grado product: HUG CHAIR



Nurses work very critical in medical institutions and are always in a fast-paced working state, so they need space design that can improve well-being and boost professionalism. The design of the nursing station should not only be beautiful, but also be ergonomic, which helps to make nurses feel happy, healthy and more willing to devote energy to the clinical team.



· Leisure Area


grado product: 



Design of the leisure area can be integrated with natural elements, with sufficient light and broad vision. Such an environment has a good effect on relieving pressure and relaxing. Natural textures like soft upholstery and wooden frame can be selected for furniture.


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