How grado Empowered Clinical Service with Humanistic Care

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The Health Medical Center of Peking University Third Hospital came into service in March, 2022. Its convenient locker room, lounge area, non-touch self-service machines, and cozy seating setup all speak for the Center’s humanistic care to its staffs, patients, and their accompanies. Every detail shows that their service cares about people. grado offers all-round clinical space solution for the Center with careful furniture selection and fabric selection.


grado product: Flow Sofa; Every Chair; Free Table;


grado’s streamlined Flow Sofa was arranged at the center of the Medical Corridor. We specially selected the easy-to-clean and durable fabric in a green shade, considering both aesthetic needs and practical sense. The flowing silhouette adds a vivid touch to the clinical space.



grado product: Hug Chair; Ray Coffee Table;


The Self-service Registration includes a lounge area with grado’s stylish Hug Chair for the convenience of patients and their accompanies. The ergonomic design of Hug Chair offers a hug-liked seating comfort to show our humanistic care in people’s emotions via furniture selection.



grado product: Flow Sofa; Every Chair;


The lightweight Every Chair in the overall bright color palette aims at relieving patients’ possible stress from the Blood Test.


grado product: Mart Sofa; Ray Coffee Table;


The selected Mart Sofas with bright-yellowed upholstery infuse a vivid and playful visual interest to the waiting space. The bumpy upholstery and cozy pillow serve to help relax in clinical space.


grado product: Free Table; Bunny Chair;


Health Examination Center has both sanitary needs and emotional needs. In the cafeteria area, grado took the ‘outside’ nature and sunshine ‘inside’ via tables with wooden top and upholstered chairs with wooden legs, as well as large windows. Furthermore, the special fabric selected for clinical space is anti-pollution and anti-bacteria.





  • Select furniture with rounded silhouette and avoid sharpness;
  • Try to avoid pure metal products in case of stressful and cold feeling;
  • Choose anti-bacteria, easy-to-clean, disinfectant-resistance, and durable fabrics;
  • Make a friendly and soft color palette;
  • Select upholstery and wood that are comfortable to the touch.




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