How grado Becomes a Driver of Your Success via One-Stop Office Interiors Service

Written by Amanda CHEN

Proofread by Ursula YANG

August 20th, 2022



Office property and office furniture are way beyond “another business cost”. It is true that dedicated employees are equally significant as clients for business. Investment in office interiors actually benefits a lot. The past decades has witnessed that companies showing humanistic care boost, owing to motivated workforce and increased productivity. grado, with our core idea “Enjoy Work, Enjoy Life”, has been working on designing and manufacturing loose furniture, as well as offering one-stop office interiors service to help build culture and teamwork-ship in your company.


Scroll down to discover how grado partnered with emerging brands and startups worldwide to help build their trendy workspace with amenities:





WeWork, established in 2010, is a provider of coworking spaces, including physical and virtual shared spaces, headquartered in New York City. To December 31, 2021, the company has operated 44.8 million square feet of space, including 756 locations in 38 countries. WeWork is going to “empower tomorrow’s world at work.”


grado product: Stilo Chair



grado has partnered with WeWork since 2017, providing service for all the WeWork coworking spaces. In this WeWork office design, the blue upholstery of grado’s Fatty Sofa helps the staff relax in the lounge area; while our Every Chairs surrounding tables make a collaborative space; and our Stilo Chairs perfectly fit the meeting table to provide added flexibility.


grado product: Fatty Sofa


grado product: Every Chair






BISELENA the womenswear brand with the idea of exploring the co-existing relationship between women and clothing. Which echoes grado’s idea of exploring the connection between space, furnishing products and their users. In 2022, grado provided a brand-new office design for BISELENA — from warm and tranquil coloring to elegant and gentle silhouette, our interiors solution illustrating femininity as “empowered women”: being both warm-hearted and iron-willed.


grado product: Swell Sofa; Fungo Table; Dada Executive Table; Lord Pod Chair; Lord Office Chair; Grid Cabinet; Dada Table;


grado product: Every Chair; Dash Barstool; Lord Pod Chair; Wings Chair;






OOH!MEDIA Limited is an Australian outdoor advertising and media company based in Sydney, Australia. As one of Australia’s largest operators, OOH!MEDIA incredibly influences over 90% local people with its multiple out of home advertising products. In 2021, grado offered space solution to build up an OOH!MEDIA workspace showing advanced ideas on working mode.




grado product: Free Table; Geometry Pouf; Every Chair; Dada Table;



We particularly selected our easy-to-carry Fungo Poufs for the collaborative area set beside the workstation area. We expect the moveable poufs to facilitate any quick discussion among co-workers, and to boost innovative ideas. In the lounge area, we selected the Every Chairs with simple and clear silhouette, echoing OHH!MEDIA’s narrative of being young and energetic.


grado product: Every Barstool;



With our One-Stop Office Interiors Service, grado can be a key driver of your success by empowering your workspace:




An empty space is like a blank paper. grado, like a creative artisan, customizes your ideal space sketch, and then paints the picture with your business culture.





Reasonable layout is fundamental to improve the interaction and communication among different groups. Based on your specific needs, grado offers space solutions to scientifically connecting different settings so as to guarantee efficient traffic in the space.





Optimizing one single detail can make a huge difference. grado professionally polishes details to use every square foot in a meaningful way, to make every walkway load an efficient traffic, and to arrange every setting after logical and humanistic consideration.




grado is experienced enough to support each process. Thanks to our professional supply chain team, grado promises to free you from any worries in the manufacturing, quality control, delivery, and other processes.





grado has been working on all-round workspace solutions considering the connection among people, space and furnishing product. We care about details, care about practicality, care about your needs.




In addition to our workspace solution service, grado supplies all sorts of office furniture to meet your purchase needs. From proposal to implementation, grado is always ready to support your project. FYI, we provide detailed info package of each product for your convenience.  








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