grado’s Post-COVID Workspace Solutions: 4 Tips for Decorating Your Home Offices


Home offices is becoming a new normal in one’s home design for the sharply increasing number of remote workers and hybrid workers in this post-COVID era. In spite of personal work preference, home office arrangement still requires comprehensive thinking on all-direction needs since, first of all, there must be a productivity issue in at-home work hours. 


Followings are four of grado’s home office decorating tips based on all-round considerations:


  1. Arrange your space considering the remote working scenario


Remote work, hybrid work, and other new normal are emerging in this post-COVID world. Teamwork is way more dependent on technology — Zoom or other digital face-to-face. Apart from one’s personal work preference, an at-home work setup should also take one’s boss and co-workers into consideration. You need a simple and tidy background to buildup a professionalism context in case any online meetings pop out. So it would be better to arrange your storage out of camera, or at the opposite side of your seat.


When working at home, you don’t need to walk around as frequently as when you’re working in an open workspace. Since teamwork and inter-department cooperation, which used to require moving around, are now mostly finished before the screen. Long seating would definitely become a new health concern for home office design. So compared with the traditional desk, grado’s Aura Height-adjustable Table that offers alternatives to sit and stand is a better choice for remote workers to stay healthy, active, and productive


grado product: Aura Height-adjustable Table




  1. Arrange your space with a neutral color palette in abundant textures


Mix under-the-radar colors including beige, white, cream, black, gray, and brown, to make a neutral color palette in your home office. Creating an eye-friendly visual environment and a spiritually clam ambience help sooth the work stress and anxiety, especially when you have no other co-workers to chat with.


grado product: 9-layer Sofa, Every Chair, Healthy Desk


Multiple options of texture and tactile reflex also help make a soothing palette of neutrals. The plush-textured fabric of 9-layer Sofa adds a relaxed feeling, while its firm and square shape re-tells a professional attitude in the office space. The polypropylene-made white shell and aluminum-made black base of Every Chair adds a harder visual interest to the space.




  1. Arrange your space with a minimalist aesthetic


A simple, minimal-lined, black-and-white-colored home office setup with accessories of the same color palette, but in different textures adds plenty of visual interest to your individual workspace. grado’s leather-finished black Lord Office Chair and matt white Dada Table are a perfect match for minimalist aesthetic owing to their extremely simple and streamlined design. Along with the gray wallpaper and the grayish curtain, a black-and-white abstract decorative picture can serve as a jewelry in your home office.


grado product: Lord Office Chair and Dada Table



  1. Arrange your space with positive distractions


Though you would rather go minimal in your home office arrangement, accessories and ornaments still work as positive distractions. Most people have difficulty in concentrating on work for a long period of time out of human nature. grado’s Simone Vase does offer appropriate, subtle visual interests to serve as positive distractions for the benefit of letting your mind have a short and reasonable rest. Artistic elements in the workspace also help trigger creativity via pulling ones mind into disparate perspectives.


grado product: Simone Vase and Pebble Table




grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting one’s all-round needs in the workspace. We promise to support your individual at-home workspace demands, physically, emotionally, and artistically.



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