grado’s Inspiration on Feminism: Office Ladies Being “Master of My Own”


In 2022, grado has offered a special space solution for Chinese TV series Master of My Own, building up a modern open plan office scene for the shooting. The TV series tells how a young lady pursued her dream of moving up the corporate ladder to become a director, proved that she had what it took to succeed in the investing world. It was controversial for having a lot of romantic relationship plots that were commented as “not that smart”. However, Master of My Own is fairly a progress of focusing on empowerment of women in the workforce.


The McKinsey 2020 Women in the Workplace survey found that while more women are rising to the top levels of companies, they are still underrepresented at every level. grado has been caring about gender equality issues, and taking our social responsibilities to support feminism. We are proud to have a workforce ratio of 30%(male) to 70%(female). grado is willing to do our bits, go further, and show the way.


Furniture design can be a significant external support for both men and women in the workplace, while the latter benefits a bit more. Through building up a hybrid workspace from open work place to home office, office furniture can create more flexible and sensitive options considering health concerns, parental leave needs, reducing sexual harassment, and other staff-friendly aspects.



Compared with traditional setup in an executive office(mostly large-sized Bauhaus furniture in black leather and metal frame), grado’s Lord Office Chair and Lord Pod Chair add a vivid and playful touch to the space.



Aura Height-adjustable Table and Queen Chair are the perfect match for a woman-friendly work space. The table offers flexible options to the office environment, improving body mechanics and minimizing sedentary discomfort. The lightweight chair also facilitates quick discussion among co-workers.



The lounge area consists of Puffy Lounge Chair and Fatty Sofa. We carefully selected these upholstered furniture with minimalism design to create a comfy and relaxing visual interest.





grado has been working on designing story-telling products, injecting emotions and feelings into our product. We value women’s different qualities and embrace that every woman has their own story to tell. grado is kind to make our furniture design a good way of self-expression. Also, we make efforts to create workplace making people feel welcomed, included, and supported.

We do our bits to help women play their multiple roles, from mothers to caregivers to breadwinners to adventurers.




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