Four Tips on Selecting Campus Furniture: To Show More Humanistic Care


Campus means farther from attending the class, finishing the assignments, doing the presentations, and taking the final exams. Though what mentioned above are the critical parts. But campus also takes the role of community, while furniture design works on improving students’ connection, bringing them together at the true heart of campus.

Followings are grado’s thinking about campus furniture selecting:


  1. Trigger Interaction

Campus furniture design should mostly take interpersonal relationship into consideration. grado’s special Ottomap design, the map-shaped sofa is definitely a perfect fit for lounge area in the campus building. Its irregular shape let students sit with their bodies towards different sides, bringing about a higher likelihood of having a few words and laughs with others. Besides, grado’s lightweight Sketch Chairs are also nice choice for lounge. These easy-to-carry chairs can be pulled here and there, from this table to that table, for a after-class gathering or a quick discussion for the next class’s presentation.



grado product: Ottomap Sofa;



grado product: Sketch Chair; Flux Table;




  1. Women’s Needs

Most universities and colleges now provide ongoing support for their faculty and staff, even their students infant nursing rooms for use by new mothers as needed. Facilities usually include private room with lock, toilet, mirror, sink, electrical outlets, lounge, etc. In grado’s infant nursing room design, Hug Lounge Chair offers embrace-liked support for mothers, while Lip Sofa serves as a comfy alternative of baby chair. The Face Stool can be an extra seat or a side table.


grado product: Hug Lounge Chair; Lip Sofa; Face Stool;




  1. Spiritual Needs

Spiritual needs including religious and non-religious meditation are for the benefit of everybody. Muslims must stop everything they are doing at an exact time, find a proper place, and start praying. And they pray five times a day. They will feel truly supported if quiet and private meditation rooms are prepared and ready-to-book in the campus. While common meditation help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and enhance peace, self-concept, and well-being. This mind training functions on students’ health and other areas should not be underestimated. grado’s Toast Sofa with clam and neutral colors help people focus on mindfulness and get into a stable state.


grado product: Toast Sofa




  1. Student’s Opinions

Students care about how and where their housing money are spent. Including students in furniture selecting via questionnaires, online voting, and other forms is a significant way to encourage their sense of responsibility. As students become more socially conscious, they are likely to want their housing dollars to support sustainable businesses with compelling stories.




grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting the all-round campus space needs of faculty staffs, tutors, and students. grado’s designers keep on making story-telling designs, injecting emotions into our furnishing products. We also believe that design is statement-making on lifestyle and spatial aesthetics. grado promises to support your campus spatial demands, physically, emotionally, and artistically.



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