“Feel not at Home”: The Roles Furniture Can Take in Styling Your Restaurants


Eating a meal out is actually a form of entertainment. Instead of “feel at home”, people want to “feel not at home”. The guests are seeking refreshing and memorable experiences away from home in a restaurant. Based on which, grado re-think about restaurant interior design and what we can do on furniture design for the purpose of breeding repeat guests.


Read on to discover grado’s thinking about what roles furniture can take in styling a restaurant.





    As a Style-maker (Lvdali Restaurant)


Following the classic layout and decoration of an izakaya(居酒屋, a type of informal Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks), the Lvdali Restaurant design has done its best at every aspect to create a Japanese styled look targeting at Gen Z guests, especially those anime maniacs. With its wide use of wood, the design showcases a very Japanese deep appreciation and respect for the natural world. This translates into an abundance of modest and honest materials.





grado has provided our style-maker Sheep Chairs to add a simple, elegant, and minimalist pairing of wood furniture and stone flooring. This very furniture selecting can really help to create a serene and airy atmosphere through a touch of classic Japanese style into this dining space.






  1. As an Invisible Man (Nous: Restaurant & Flowers)


As a young pioneering business experiment, Nous offers a service mixing cuisine, with fresh and tender ingredients, and flower arrangements. It is a typical type of super trendy and super cool fancy restaurant young people can’t help to go. Its avant-garde interior design showcases a whimsical taste of contemporary art. The extremely large pink glass, the terrazzo flooring and walling, cold and glossy metal furnishings, and the dramatic coloring contrast all together create an anti-expectation, anti-comfort, aesthetically not-very-pleasing look. This very special point brings about a bizarre but refreshing spatial experience.


Stilo Chair / Without arm


While grado’s Stilo Chairs in gray color harmoniously make themselves natural parts of the whole environment. These Stilo Chairs are like invisible men in the space, cooperating with other elements to create this vanward artistic atmosphere.




grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting your all-round business space needs. We are always willing to support your furniture selecting with regards to marketing, branding, and other business strategies.




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