Chinoiserie Designs: Identify grado’s Chinese Philosophical and Aesthetic Narratives

We are grado Design. We are designer brand of furnishings from Hangzhou, China. From a nation of richness and grand history, we pay our respect to the Chinese culture and aesthetic with fastidious detailing in our design and product. Chinoiserie, though, is not the core of our brand. grado always keeps Chinese culture-loaded spirits and insights our major pursuits. With our statement-making products, grado’s design language has been telling China’s stories in an unassuming and inclusive way.

Scroll down to discover grado’s star Chinoiserie designs, get to know how we inherit our nation’s ancient philosophy and traditional culture through furniture design.




A Chinoiserie color palette often blends warm neutrals with punchy, saturated tones of red, black and gold. grado’s Koi Screen, with an intermeshing of off-white and lustrous red koi, finished an archetypal boldness of the Chinese aesthetic narrative.


(Image of Antique from the Palace Museum Official)


Over thousands of years, Chinese intellectuals have been believing that red koi brings about good luck, and that it is an elegant tradition to keep koi in the pond of their gardens. From the koi-shaped agate vase to the historic Chinese traditional painting (落花游鱼图, Fallen Flower and Flowing Fish), from the antiques to grado’s Koi Screen, from the past to now, koi serves as a permanent symbol of the positive pursuit and expectation in Chinese culture. While we grado design takes the pride to inherit this traditional symbol in our decorative design.



Asian design, naturally and intrinsically, has more or less connections with a Zen atmosphere, especially for Chinoiserie. Buddhism came and got integrated into China’s local religious culture around 2,000 years ago. So its doctrines and disciplines got adapted and then rooted into ancient Chinese philosophy, soothing people’s heart and mind with a sense of harmony.

(Image of Antique from the Palace Museum Official)


grado made this Buddha statue-inspired sofa design, which is particularly suitable to use in the practices of mindfulness and meditation. Buddha Sofa is the exact way we found to build up a link between ancient Chinese philosophy and people’s mental health needs today. Its neutral color and unassuming silhouette provides a visual effect to help relax. While the minimalism design speaks for grado’s brand core and spirits.



A well-known ancient Chinese prose goes that “lotus leaves sprout from the mud yet without a spot on it; lotus flowers bloom in the pond, being poised and graceful.” Being a Chinese symbol of virtue, lotus implies the traditional Chinese values of the potential harmony between mankind and nature.

(Image of Antique from the Palace Museum Official)


Lotus Side Table, resembling the real lotus leaves, serves as a one-fits-for-all piece prepared for both living space and business places, both daily life and commercial use, both indoors and outdoors. Comparable to the Lotus Side Table, grado offers all-round space solutions with our designer furniture. We work with independent designers and design studios from all over the world and always keep our Chinese philosophy of being modest, inclusive and considerate.


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