Café Design Cues from the Neighbourhood in which They Were Born


Farther from catering, café has extended a couple of new roles like a third place in the residential community or an extra shared work space beside a skyscraper. Competitive coffeehouses are always ready to take any roles, and to function for any needs to respond to the variable market.


Followings are grado’s cues on both interior and exterior café designs considering the neighbourhood environment:




Hiker Coffee, Shanghai Lingang Industrial Park


Located in a high-tech innovation industrial park, Hiker Coffee serves as an alternative shared workspace for all the freelancers, contractors, and hybrid workers from the clusters of start-up companies around. This coffeehouse has been made a multifaceted open planned office. With large and long office table and grado’s Sketch Chair as hot desk, lotus leaf-inspired poufs and side tables as collaborative area, Hiker Coffee meets all-round needs of co-working. The contrasting materials of furniture also create clean lines with organic geometric shapes, which smartly marries the two contexts of coffeehouse and office space.


grado product: Sketch Chair; Lotus Pouf; Lotus Side Table; Bridge Bar Table;




NayukiTea and Bakery, Tianjie Shopping Center


Though as a young company established just four years ago, Nayuki has become the most popular tea beverage brand among China’s Gen Z, especially among Chinese young ladies. Located in a metropolitan city’s major shopping center, this Nayuki teahouse was born into a fancy and fashionable vibe. Way beyond its drinks and breads, the teahouse offers a trendy gathering spot for young ladies who hang out to spend quality time with their besties. From Every Barstool to Hug Chair, grado provides furniture in bold and vibrant shades of green, creating the next Instagrams favorite selfie spot. This perfectly demonstrates how furniture design supports the business’s branding and marketing through social media.


grado product: Every Barstool; Hug Chair(Steel Tube with Arm); Hug Chair(Steel Tube without Arm);




Starbucks, Jiuguang Shopping Center


As the top sale global coffee brand, Starbucks shops almost serve as significant landmarks in cities throughout the world. With its fair price and convenient service, Starbucks respond to a city’s realities on chaotic urban living and utilitarian manner, as well as the leisure time in between. For this Starbucks shop exterior area, grado’s Sketch Lounge Chair took fully advantages of the outdoor environment. Sunshine goes through Sketch Lounge Chair’s steel tubes, artfully creating beautiful shadow onto the floor; sunshine baths Sketch Lounge Chair, naturally dying its original single color into shades of green. In this way, artistic designs are made around the clock by the force of nature. The sun and water-resistant Sketch Lounge Chair was designed for worry-free placement. While the chair’s modern aesthetic design echos its urban neighbourhood.


grado product: Sketch Lounge Chair;


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