Artistic Designs in Shared Workspace: Win-win Situation for Both Business and Staffs


Artistic elements are urgently needed to enhance our workday experiences. Since a healthy and fulfilling shared workspace goes way beyond safety and distancing considerations, break-out lounge, and recreational setup. Artistic designs are born to be part of workspace. Art means the expression or application of human creative skill, expressing imaginative and technical skill. These are exactly what we aspire to for a highly productive and energetic shared workspace.


Followings are grado’s ideas about artistic designs in shared workspace to gain a win-win situation for both business and staffs:


  1. Write culture in artistic designs


You should never judge a book by its cover, but you cannot deny that cover does matter for book sales. The same goes for the artistic designs in an open, shared, multipurpose workspace. An artistic design is worth a thousand words to tell any brand history stories, or to make any brand philosophy statements. It strikes visitors’ attention, job-seekers’ pressure, and employees’ professionalism with a primary impression of the company’s unique culture and ambience. The artistic elements are quiet and still over there decorating the workspace, but these wow factors speak volumes about your company all the time


Artistic elements in the workspace help materialize and visualize the brand attribute, brand characteristics, and brand positioning. And special designs will absolutely be catchy enough to remind everyone in the space of these brand ideas. grado’s Mood Screen, inspired by China’s traditional paper umbrella, is to show our complex with Chinese identity on the international design stage.




grado product: Mood Screen




  1. Fosterengagement by artistic designs


Whimsical or ambiguous artistic designs can be ice-breaking for they naturally trigger informal chats and relax any unduly formal atmosphere or situation. This is particularly true for a freshman newly arriving. Millennials (the under 30 crowd) are becoming the majority of workforce. Studies show that technology and social media are making the largest generation entering labor force less social. Based on which, artistic designs also serve as an always-prepared touchy topic to start ones first conversation with other co-workers. A question or comment on any strange or interesting art decorations can be less difficult and more appropriate after a simple and a little awkward “Hi!” 


Artistic designs can serve as a useful marker in a large, open, shared workspace since everybody is easy to get an impression of them. For example, when you’re asking employees for any quick discussion, you can inform them of a spot like Meet me by the Koi Screen.


grado product: Koi Screen



Artistic designs, especially the weird ones, can be memes only shared by those who work in the same space. In contrary, the memes unit co-workers in this very space by means of building up a subculture community. A certain shared cultural information, to which the staffs could have a little words and laughs or even roast together, creates a sense of belonging in a natural way. The staffs are likely to feel better to buildup inclusion through memes instead of bland slogans and stiff rules. This can be a new management-win.





  1. Trigger creativity via artistic designs


Open, co-working space is better for creativity since out-of-the-box idea will never pop out from a box, and it will also never appear from nowhere. Artistic designs are the reasons for inspiration, imagination, and innovation to come, regardless of the monotony in workdays.


grado product: Ottomap Sofa


Creativity comes from reflection on the past experiences and inspiration from the near surroundings. However, these are actually likely to form a tunnel vision that traps our thinking. Artistic designs, at this very moment, serve as a force to pull you out of that tunnel and push you into chaos. As a consequence, you may almost forget what you were thinking about, and have to find a new way out, namely to think from disparate perspectives.




grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting one’s all-round needs in the workspace. We promise to support your various spatial demands, physically, emotionally, and even artistically.



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