From Outside to Inside: Café Design and Branding


Branding, one of the most crucial aspects in running business, can really start from the store design. Like the cover of a book, it’s human nature to judge and evaluate a store through the first sight and the second sight, namely the exterior design and interior design. This is extremely true for a cafe or teahouse, in which people are looking for not only something to drink and eat, but a “third place”.


Read on to discover grado’s thinking on exterior and interior design of coffee house, and the connections between shop design and branding:



1. Anshuka 安之秀菓


Anshuka is a pastry store offering half Western-style, half Japanese-style desserts and beverages. It became an iconic pastry store since it brought the super trendy Semi-cooked Cheese into China, which went viral soon and till now. The Anshuka store exterior design was firstly defined by the phoenix trees along the street. With a dark facade and golden lighting frame of French windows, the texture and silhouette of trunk and leaves are manifested even better. This Western and modern-style look absolutely attracts passers-by to give one more glance at the desserts displayed on the window shelves.


grado product: Fungo Pouf-S;


While the interior design has found a natural affinity in Japanese minimalism, craftsmanship, and love of natural materials, echoing the brand values of Anshuka. Apart from the generous use of wood, Japanese-style interiors also feature cast iron objects. The wooden texture of grado’s Sheep Chairs, accompanied with the pure white of Ray Table, infuses the store with tranquility and a dash of Japanese style.


grado product: Sheep Chair; Ray Table; Mart Sofa;



2.inWE 因味茶


inWE is known for its revolutionary tea beverage products through coffee extraction methods to achieve the optimal flavors. The teahouse’s exterior offers a look of opened tea box, as the huge window looks like a lid. This welcoming design speaks for the brand’s expectation to showcase a trendy and modern tea culture to young customers.



In this multi-faceted tea shop, different furniture are arranged to serve customers with various needs. For those who come to spend like a Saturday afternoon, they can take a seat at the wooden bench and coffee table by the window. While for those who come to grab a takeout, grado’s Lotus Pouf and Lotus Side Table provides both temporary seating and artistic-designed decoration. The lotus leaf-inspired furniture are perfectly fit for a shop focusing on displaying tea culture.





grado product: Lotus Side TableLotus Pouf;



grado is ready to offer thoughtful service meeting your all-round business space needs. We are always willing to support your furniture selecting with regards to marketing, branding, and other business strategies.



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