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Nestle Lounge Chair

design by Sisi Hong
Item Number: NES-CH-LG

The Nestle Lounge Chair draws inspiration from bird nests. This thick armrest leisure chair features a uni-body design combining the seat, backrest, and armrests. The ultra-deep sunken seat is reminiscent of the cozy environment of a bird’s nest, providing a sense of security. The chair is covered in skin-friendly upholstery, with the down filling adding a plush and comfortable feel when you sit down and lean on it.



The bird’s nest is a place of pure happiness, filled with dreams and hope. It serves as the destination for adult birds when they venture out in search of food for their young. It is an abode for the baby birds, emanating the affection shared between adult birds and their young. It marks the beginning of new lives. Within the cozy nest, the baby birds experience nurturing care from the adult bird and grow up without worry. That’s why the bird’s nest provides comfort while also harboring boundless hope. Inspired by the natural bird nests, grado designed the Nestle Lounge Chair to create a cozy and secure haven in your own home. The seat, backrest, and armrests form a unified whole, and the sunken design envelops you in a warm embrace. When you sit and lean back in the chair, you’ll experience the same sense of security and comfort that a baby bird does.


Sisi Hong

Sisi Hong is an internationally trained industrial designer who graduated with the MID major from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has a passion for unusual and playful ideas, as well as grotesque yet reasonable ones. Sisi cares about tangible products close enough to people’s daily lives and strives to use her expertise as a designer to create better products for a better life. Her odyssey from a rural area to an urban environment and then to the U.S. has endowed her design with a richer touch and elasticity.

  • Name

    Nestle Lounge Chair

  • Item Number


  • Dimension

    W950*D960*H740*SH420 (mm)

  • Standard Color Description

    Fabric (B):

  • Material

    Stainless steel frame+High Resilience Foam+P2 Plywood+Goose Down Filling+PP Cotton+Nylon Oxford cloth+Upholstery Batting+Plastic Leg+Upholstery

  • Packaging Information

    Packaging: 1PCS/1CTN
    Assembled: no
    Packing Materials: Carton

  • Project Files
  • Product Information
  • Fabric (B)

  • Nestle Lounge Chair Wales-101 (23)(1)
    Downward Armrest
    The armrest that slopes downward are more comfortable, allowing your arms to remain relaxed while your shoulders and neck lean back easily.
    Extra Deep Seat
    The seat depth is 58cm, enabling you to sit and stretch with ease and relaxation, as if you are in first class.
    Luxurious Down Filling
    The plush cushion is filled with a combination of white goose down, foam, and upholstery batting, providing a soft and supportive luxurious sitting experience. We specifically choose large white geese weighing over 6kg and select 30% of the finest white goose down, which is 60% larger than conventional down.
  • Nestle Lounge Chair Wales-101 (32)(1)
    Handmade Wrinkles
    The chair's wrinkles are meticulously crafted by artisans with over 10 years of experience, ensuring both beauty and lingering charm.
    Wool Texture Upholstery
    The wool texture upholstery is gentle on the skin, breathable, layered, and soft to the touch. It is wear-resistant for up to 40,000 uses, allowing you to sit on it 10 times a day and keep it looking new for 10 years without pilling.
    Stainless Steel Legs
    The stainless steel legs give the chair a sleek and industrial design appeal, while also being resistant to corrosion and highly durable.
  • Nestle Lounge Chair Wales-170 Wooden leg
    Ash Wood Legs
    The chair legs are crafted from FAS- grade solid ash wood, meticulously polished to achieve a natural, and smooth wood grain texture.
    Easy Cleaning
    The elevated legs make it easier for the robot vacuum to clean the space under the chair.