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Forest Chair with Armrests

design by grado R&D Team
Item Number: FOR-CH-DC-LBWA

The Forest Chair is a lounge chair crafted from ash wood. Meticulously polished by skilled artisans, the wood offers a smooth finish to both the overall frame and detailed strip. Its integrated backrest and armrest provide excellent body support, allowing for prolonged comfortable seating. With its timeless and refined design and ideal height, the chair suits various settings such as dining rooms, living rooms, and studies. It is available in both brown and black options.

Forest Chair (14)(1)


The designer aimed to create a pastoral-style lounge chair that captures the plain essence of ash wood. Thus, the wood is meticulously smoothed by artisans while retaining its natural texture, adding visual appeal to the chair. Ash wood’s remarkable strength, hardness, and flexibility not only ensure the chairs’ durability, but also allow for versatile shaping, enabling the designer’s vision to come to life. The integrated backrest and armrest provide a sense of security, with additional support strips added to the armrests for stability. The concave seat is designed to conform to the body’s curves. The angle and curvature of the wood strips have been finely adjusted, creating fluent lines and sleek appearance, making the chair both visually compelling and cozy to sit on.

grado R&D Team

grado R&D Team

grado was established in 2014 with a simple idea:” A good design can spark one’s feelings even at first sight.” The team keeps on making story-telling designs, fusing humanistic care with its original furnishings.

In the team, experienced and award-winning designers spare no effort to bring extraordinary ideas to life, catering to diverse spatial needs. They frequently collaborate with well-known industry heavyweights on various projects.

The designers put people first and craft products that align with contemporary needs. They promote non-aggressive design and seek to establish harmony between individuals and their spaces. Their aspiration is for originality to take root like seeds in the fertile soil and flourish, stretching as far as the eye can see.

  • Name

    Forest Chair with Armrests

  • Item Number


  • Dimension (mm)


  • Standard Color Description

    Ash Wood coffee color semi-enclosed
    Ash wood black semi-enclosed

  • Material

    Ash wood solid wood

  • Packaging Information

    Package 1: 605*545*770
    N.W 7.5kg; G.W 11 kg;
    Assembled: Yes
    Packing Material: Carton

  • Information Sheet
  • Ash wood solid wood

    Ash Wood coffee color semi-enclosed
    Ash Wood coffee color semi-enclosed
    Ash Wood black color semi-enclosed
    Ash wood black semi-enclosed
  • Forest Chair (11)(1)
    Modern Midcentury Style
    The Forest Chair features meticulously polished solid ash wood with sleek lines, exuding the charm of modern midcentury style, seamlessly blending into various spaces and functional areas.
    Natural Wood Grain
    The wood grain of the ash is preserved, providing a warm, pure texture and a smooth feel that brings a touch of nature to the piece.
    Integrated Backrest and Armrest
    The chair features an integrated backrest and armrest designed at a comfortable height, with the armrests positioned slightly lower to ensure optimal support for the body.
  • Forest Chair (13)(1)
    Concave Seat
    The seat surface is subtly concave to fit the curves of the hips, providing a more cozy sitting experience for extended period.
    Graceful Curves
    The wooden strips are not formed by straight lines, but are crafted into graceful curves, resembling a spindle, transforming the chair into a durable and aesthetically detailed piece.
    Support Strips
    The chair are reinforced with support strips between the seat and armrest, ensuring the stability of the chair.
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Forest Chair with Armrests